Ngaoundéré: An exceptional birth of Siamese registered, No Medical Monitoring

The mother in her pregnant state, did not benefit from regular monitoring of her pregnancy.

In Adamaoua, a woman gave birth to Siamese twins sharing same stomach, a very rare configuration. The mother had only undergone one exam at three months of pregnancy.

This is a tragedy associated with a consequence on the lack of adequate medical follow-up. A rare case of a Siamese having two heads, two pairs of upper limbs, two lower limbs.

The mother was not able to have the necessary pregnancy follow-up, due to lack of means, else medical personels would have identified the abnormality.

The birth took place in the
Regional hospital of Ngaoundéré, with the Babies born through Caesarean section, sharing a part of their body and are unable to breathe or eat normally.

Father of Babies

It is the wish of their parents to save these children born in extreme conditions and the father, Alain Nekario, a buisness man, central market Ngaoundéré calls for help.


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