Momo's Communication Delegate Dies In Convoy Attack

The Divisional Delegate for Communication for Momo Division, North West region, BECKY JEME IYABO died in an attack, after a local explosive went off returning from the D.O's installation of Ngie Sub Division.

Information has it that the incident happened later in the day of January 5th 2021, after the installation of the D.O for Ngie Sub Division and that of Njikwa, Arrah Amatangana Maxime and Belinga Benjamin, respectively . Becky is said to have died alongside five other soldiers.

The SDOs convoy returning from Ngie and Njikwa after dual installation ceremonies of the Divisional Officers in their areas of command, was attacked by suspected separatists fighters that made away with the lives of the Communication delegate and 5 military officers.

At the time of this report, the state of the SDO for Momo Division, Etaba Fouda and others involved in the attacked isn't known. Journalists of the Northwest Region recieved the sad news of Becky's demise in the early hours of January 6th 2020.

Becky Jeme Iyabo hails from Buea, In the South West Region and leaves behind 2 kids; a boy and girl.

By Ndefru Melanie

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