Regional Elections: Voting In Momo Division Kickstarts with Massive Presence

Electors rally get words of Encouragement from Minister Mbah Acha

Electors have turned out in their numbers at the polls in the divisional headquarters of Momo division Mbengwi and  demonstrated a sense of responsibility in casting their votes for the right leaders to lead in Regional Council and House of Chiefs.

These voters, militants of Camerooon People Democratic Party took the commitment on December 6th 2020, after Regional Campaigns had come to an end on December 5th .

The Minister Delegate of Supreme State Audit, Minister Mbah Acha Rose, an Elite of Momo Division, decides to motivate the voters with her prescence on the field. She says it is important that the electors don't feel abandoned.

Minister Mbah Acha talking to Press

"I am here to encourage the Electorates and my party peers of the CPDM, so that they don't feel abandoned. I am also here to ensure that there are no difficulties, and also know about any challages faced". Minister Mbah Acha Rose.

"I am very sure that the results will be positive for the CPDM party, because it is a party that brings development and long lasting Peace" Minister affirms.

All candidates were all present and had their voters cards, together with municipal councilors who had come out in their numbers to choose the leaders they believe it fit to be in the Regional house of Chiefs and Council.

By Ndefru Melanie

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