Bafut Council Embarks on Inclusive Development

Ngwakongho Lawrence,Mayor of Bafut Council

The Mayor of the Bafut Council, Ngwakongho Lawrence decides to embark on feasibility studies in preparation for 2022 investment plan, with particular attention on inclusive development.

Cross section of councilors in the Hall

The remark was made on December 4th 2020, during a session to discuss the 2021 budget for the Bafut Council, which experienced a slight increase in its budget as compared to the year 2020.

Finance Committee Lead

The 2021 Budget for the Bafut Council is balanced in Revenue and Expenditure at the sum of 749,868,000frs as compared to 519,309,559frs in 2020, experiencing a slight increased.

The estimate includes the investment credits allocated by the Government for the Bafut Council in 2021 which is 187,050,000frs. Recurrent Expenditure; 415,868,000frs being 55% of the budget and Investment Expenditure 334,000,000 making 44.5% of the budget.

Mayor of Bafut Concerting with the D.O for Bafut Sub division

"Let us work hard to mobilize our ressources to ensure local development, improve the living environment and conditions of the inhabitants of this great municipality" Mayor of Bafut Council.

In the advent of the Anglophone crisis turned an armed conflict, persons living with disabilities and Internally Displaced Persons have suffered a great negative impact, to an extent have being neglected from issues centred on development. 

With a population of over 150  thousand people, Mayor Nkgwakongho Lawrence says it is important for those individuals in hard hit areas to feel the impact of the reconstruction process, to hasten the return of Peace in the Region.

Group picture, Mayor and Municipal Councilors of Bafut Council

He called on all Councilors to mobilize themselves and come out to cast their votes on Sunday December 6th 2020, for the 1st ever Regional Elections since Independence.

By Ndefru Melanie

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