Bamenda III Council Projects Revamping of Culture

Partial view of Municipal Councilors in the Bamenda III conference hall

Mayor Fonguh Cletus of the Bamenda III Council has set priority projects for 2021, One of them being the revamping of Culture which is one of the key values gradually giving way as a result of the Anglophone Crisis, turned an armed Conflict.

The revamping of Culture was mentioned as one of the priority projects of the council during a budgetary session on December 3rd in Bamenda, urging stakeholders and other actors to mobilize themselves and source for council revenue.

Mayor addresses priority projects

According to the Mayor of the Bamenda III Council, projects and the budget for 2021 has been tailored, geared at meeting the demands of the people, alleviating poverty and improving living standards of the local population.

Fon of Nkwen

The Mayor believes organizing annual cultural festivals to revoke aspects of the culture that are giving way is restoring peace in the local community, involving the local man to build culture again.

Finance Committee lead

The Finance Committee led by Julius Fuli, tells municipal councilors and other stakeholders about Revenue and Expenditure being  balanced at the some of 608million. 

The Mayor thinks the Creation of roads, the extention of water and rehabilitation of pipes, the creation of green space should be top priority of the council as development projects.

"The fiscal budget for 2021 has been streamlined to meet the needs of the people; we have targeted environmental projects like greening the streets, colour all major streets with trees." Bamenda III Mayor.

"We have decided to meet up with road infastructure, water supply, we hope to tar a By-pass to dicongest mile4 junction, next year circulation will be good and adding to these, we will also construct a good number of bridges and improve on some earth roads." Mayor Fonguh Cletus, Bamenda III Council.

By Ndefru Melanie 


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