MINAT Boss Cheers Over 70 Bamenda City Council Volunteers

Volunteers working with the Bamenda City Council farms

Volunteers, most of whom are graduates, working in the tomatoe farms of the Bamenda City council (B.C.C) get Moral and financial encouragement from the Minister of Territorial Administration on the results of their farm produce.

MINAT Boss appreciates output from the farms

MinisterPaul Atanga Nji motivates over 79 Volunteers in Bamenda on January 19th 2020, with the sum of 800,000 cfa being for their hard work in farm produce, the great output realized to satisfy the growing population.

NW Governor, Minister and SDO for Mezam

The City Mayor has encouraged youths who form a greater part of the population's work force, to get involved in farming given the situation of the armed Conflict faced in the Northwest region. It is for this same reason that Paul Achombang, Bamenda City Mayor offered 200,000 cfa to farm groups, encouraging them to farm on a bigger/ greater scale to satisfy the growing population.

Bamenda City Mayor

"Agriculture never fails, the soil is a great treasure because the Head of State has diversified our Economy. If we are blessed with a factory that can transform the tomato fruits to paste, we will be able to sell across the nation and beyond" Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achombang.

To the minister, the notion behind decentralization is participatory development and collective efforts/responsibility. If production is good and there is a good structure available to conserve the farming products, exportation will be a good idea.

"This is the way foward to stamp out laziness, we must ramin busy. With this innovation we will do our best to write history, this will be the way forward, put in place a small scale industry and go for exportation" MINAT Boss.

Minister handed baskets of Tomatoes by City Mayor

The City Mayor offered baskets of tomatoes to the Minister to show proof of the farm produce from the Bamenda City Council, the gesture and observations made regarding the output of the tomatoe fruit made the Minister promise, to look into the request of installing a small scale industry.

The Head of State has always encouraged agriculture reason why in his speeches he reminds Cameroonians that " The soil is a treasure that will never dissapoint u".

The Anglophone crisis has had a great tool on young Cameroonians. A majority of these graduates leave school and cannot be gainfully employed as several businesses have folded up in the North West Region.

In a bit to solve this issue of lack of employment, the Bamenda city Council Mayor, Paul Achobong decided to open a tomatoes farm which in future will lead to a tomatoes processing plant where some graduates were gainfully employed.

By Ndefru Melanie



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