Politics: In Ngaoundére, "Parliamentarians, local elected officials hand in hand...."

Inine with the decentralization process, the development of communities in the Adamawa region is priority for state officials; parliamentarians, elected officials and other key stake holders who converge for a workshop that opened in the region.

Holding at Adamawa's Regional Assembly hall, the Vice - President of the National Assembly, the Right Honorable Baoro Théophile, lead a large parliamentary team into the region, the head of the delegation of the Network of Parliamentarians for the Diaspora, Decentralized across-border Cooperation, Hon. Louis Henri NGANTCHA, national president of the Rep-Cop, present at the workshop to unfold the program.

Presentation of the network to local elected officials has been done, with an exchange intended to the sharing of a collection of data at the end of the work session. 

Present was Adamawa's Governor Elhadj Kikdadi Taguieké Boucar, President of Adamawa's Regional Council, represented by the Secretary General of the Regional Council Office, Koulagna Belmont, the CVUC Regional President-Abbo Aboubacar wakili, the Right Honorable ABBA Alim Vice-President of the National Assembly, the Honorable Yaya Doumba among others.

Updates in days ahead..

by Ibrahim Katakap 

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