Reach Out Cameroon Launch Campaign Against Hate Speech & Xenophobia

In a bit to eliminate the existence of hate speech in our society, Reach Out Cameroon has launched a campaign for the fight against hate speech and xenophobia in Fako. The event took place at the Buea Mountain Hotel, on Friday October 7th, 2022.

Due to the rise in the act of violence and barbaric acts occurring in the country especially in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, Reach Out Cameroon organized a seminar to launch and present a campaign to fight hate speech and xenophobia in Fako Division, funded by the Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

There is a proliferation in the use of hate speech and xenophobia in our society. This is an act that incites hatred towards people based on some aspects of their identity. 

It also involve the use of discriminatory language towards a person or a group based on some aspects of their lives such as; Religion, ethnicity, nationality, culture, colour, descent, class, sexuality, gender just to name a few.

According to the Communications Officer of Reach Out Cameroon and project Manager of the campaign to fight against Hate speech and Xenophobia, Nkengafack Eucharia, the campaign will go a long way to eradicate hate speech in the nation and in Fako in particular.

“The launch of this campaign, which is actually a new National communication campaign to fight against hate speech and xenophobia, we as Reach Out NGO are targeting the southwest Region which i think it’s very timely". 

"We  will engage with stakeholders and even media practitioners because we believe now is the time for collective action, for us to take up responsibility in promoting peace in our community and the nation at large by fighting against hate speech, and xenophobia. Let's not hate people on basis of where they come from, not bringing down people's esteem in order to satisfy our personal egos".

"Today we have introduced the project, and identify our different targets. Diversity is unity, let everyone in the Southwest region be ambassadors of peace, let them fight against hate speech and xenophobia in Fako and in the Southwest Region at large”, Project Manager, on the objective of the campaign and message from Reached out Cameroon.

The Executive Director of Reach Out Cameroon Madam Esther Omam in her own path voiced the need to kill these vices, as they especially promote violence in society and in educational institutions. There is need to prevent a bad breed of generation.

“We have seen a rise in violence and hate speech in our community and as a results of these, people use inappropriate words and statements against each other. Its seen in schools; being the center of violence lately. Students indulging themselves in hate speech, not leaving out teachers. I think with the commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism, there is need to launch this campaign, so that in our various homes and communities, we can curb the use and spread of hate speech against one another”, Executive Director Reach Out Cameroon , Esther Omam talking to the press.

It is worth noting that, hate speech has fueled violent conflicts, civil wars, violent extremism, genocide and more over pose  human right problem, prohibited by international law. It is the wish of partners in this campaign, to overcome such situations.

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