Dion Ngute's envoy, Balungeli Confiance Ebune, Encourages NW Population To Appropriate Reconstruction Plan, appreciates ongoing works to improve livelihood

The Minister Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister's office, President of the Steering Committee of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development, Balungeli Confiance Ebune has visited Bamenda and evaluated the water catchement plan and the rehabilation Full Gospel high school in Nkwen.

He is of the opinion that beneficiaries of the plan should be ready and show proof of readiness to allow the Presidential Reconstruction plan carry on smoothly in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Few days after Balungeli Confiance visit to the Southwest region, he was in Bamenda - Northwest region of Cameroon on March 28th 2023, to hear from project beneficiaries and opinion leaders, appreciating the Presidential Reconstruction plan in the Northwest region.

UNDP is the implementing partner of the PPRD project in the Northwest region. They team has made it's mark throughout the 7 divisions of the Northwest region. Yet beneficiaries are requesting for government to do more, as they themselves are tired of the damages caused by the ongoing armed conflict.

"Hierachy has instructed, not only recommended a bottom top approach but also be in constant touch with the beneficiaries for better visibility. From the identification of the project to the monitoring through the realization, the population will be main actors in the implementation of the presidential Plan for the reconstruction of these 2 regions".

"The Plan contributes to build and rehabilitate what existed that has been destroyed or degraded by the crisis. In the vain the PPRD is to contribute to the normalization and the way of life of the population and contribute towards Peace. The plan raised alot of hope amongst the population", Steering Committee President for the PPRD, Balungeli Confiance.

The Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development is said to have kicked off about 3years ago, as one of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue with the Head of State President Paul Biya having as priority to reconstruct in a difficult context; amidst the political upheaval existing in the Northwest region and in the phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government is using the bottom-top approach for transparency sake while implementing the plan in the Northwest region, though, the President of the Steering Committee Balungeli Confiance Ebune mentioned that there are a few challenges faced in the course of implementation.

The City Mayor, Tambeng Paul has launched an appeal, where there are still pockets of resistance in the Northwest region for the smooth implementation of the reconstruction plan in the region. He described "Reconstruction is proof that normalization is arround".

Some beneficiaries talked about inaccessible areas, where the PPRD cannot be carried out due to its hostile nature. The Representive of the Archbishop of Bamenda and the Fon of Nkwen were of similar opinions, dwelled on the aspect of insecurity. The traditional ruler indicated that IDPs had flooded the Bamenda III municipality requesting the need for more to be done in order to improve on local economy.

Professor Fru Angwafor, President of the Regional House of Assembly requested that UNDP takes into consideration the vulnerable population, and consider inclusiveness. He however beleives that is is important for the Regional Assembly to partner with the PPRD, put together reasources and reach out to divisions in order to improve on the livelihood of the people.

Northwest Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique tells beneficiaries that another name for development is Peace, reiterating that the region is satisfied with the implementation of the PPRD.

"Many villages were empty, many have returned to open their small scale businesses. In Nkambe the local population has shown gratitude for the multipurpose hall given to them by the Head of State through the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development".

"Though the road to Nkambe is horrible in some parts, the people are fade up and the population of the Northwest region in general are expecting that the PPRD will help them to rebuild back better", NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

PPRD is the owner of the project while UNDP is the implementing partner, based on a document signed on May 5th 2020 between UNDP and the Government of Cameroon.

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