Local population hails Bamenda I, II, III Councils for Debt Reduction and Development Contract(C2D)

Inhabitants of Alating I and Ayaba I quarter have applauded the efforts of Bamenda I, II and III council, who through the C2D projects have benefitted a host os basic needs in their community, yet requesting for boreholes to sustain living standards and street lights, at a time of insecurity given the crisis context.

Inhabitants in the Bamenda I Municipality have praised the the efforts of Debt Reduction and Development Contract, C2D and the Bamenda City Council for having constructed a bridge that links both quarters together ending their long suffering. 

The C2D program which is an inniative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in collaboration with the Bamenda City Council is aimed at improving the quality of the town at both the infrastructural and environmental level.

"I have fallen on this bridge and break my kneel cap. I had to go to the hospital as a result of the fall. I know many people too who have suffered thesame faith. I even have a son who has fallen on this bridge and till date, he is still attending to medical care. He incurred a serious problem with his leg". 

"Before the construction of this bridge, we faced many problems with the old one. It brought injuries but now that we have a well constructed bridge from the council, atleast that problem has been solved" Sobgwountio Pricillia, inhabitant of Alating I Quarter.

The 2m width and 5m length bridge which accomodates more an estimate of 3000 inhabitants from both quarters and also people from other areas was constructed months ago by the Bamenda City Council in collaboration with Ministry of housing and Urban Development. 

While appreciating the efforts of the council and it's partners to ensure the free movement of inhabitants, Anjie Grace from Ayaba I Quarter beckoned on the council to look into the provision of Portable water in both quarters

"Our kids use to fall in this water but now they walk pass freely without incurring any injury. We are very happy. We also plead that the council provides us boreholes. We don't have portable water here. We go through alot just to access portable water" Anjie Grace elucidates.

These inhabitants from both quarters were led by their quarter heads who applauded the efforts of the council in building a bridge to facilitate mobility, stability and social cohesion between Alating I and Ayaba Quarter and even the rest of the Bamenda community.

The newly constructed bridge has not only helped the target community but also neighbouring one's according to the Quarter head of Alating I, Abamukong Albert.

"We want to use this opportunity to thank the council for the marvelous job they have done here for this bridge that we are now using. This bridge linking this two quarters, we are close to 3000 inhabitants in both quarters that we are using this bridge. There are people right from Abangoh quarter using this same bridge to go to school. So we are grateful for the great job the council has done here" Quarter head of Alating I, Abamukong Albert noted.

The council which is at the forefront of developing different communities or quarters in her municipality is also expected to not only look into the provision of boreholes to solve water insecurity but also the provision of solar lights to beat banditry in Alating I and Ayaba Quarter respectively.

"We expect more from the council because we know the council is the backbone of Bamenda I. For the great job the council has been doing, we still want to beckon on them for a few things; the water crisis here is affecting the whole quarter. We have difficulties with electricity. If the council can provide borehole water so we can use and street lights to help curb crime waves we will be save in the hands of bandits" Quarter head of Alating I, Abamukong Albert intimated.

Other beneficiary quarters from Bamenda I municipality include Pork Meat Junction and Akwena I Quarter who benefited from a street light at Moyo corner junction respectively. 

It is worth noting that, quarters and schools in Bamenda I, II and III have benefited from sporting facilities, commercial facilities and public facilities such as the a slaughterhouse at Mile 4 Nkwen, a football field at field at Muwatu Mile 8 Mankon, Playground at Nibung quarter to facilitate sporting facilities and a host of others. 

The C2D which consist as the continuation of the urban C2D program "Regional Capitals" in the City of Bamenda is expected to improve the living conditions of inhabitants.


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