Nextgen Launches Branch in Bamenda, Gives 25% fee discount to first-comers

NexGen Higher Institute of Technology, whose main campus is based in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde, has opened its first branch in Bamenda. 

After ten years of operation as a professional institute in Yaoundé, offering courses such as Telecommunication Engineering and Telecommunication, Computer Networking, Data Sciences and Analytics, Software Engineering, Management and Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance, and Marketing, the school has decided to expand its wings to Bamenda.


NHIT, which provides certification, diploma, HND, and Degree programmemes, offers a three-month intensive training programme with five days of classes per week for full-time students and three days of sessions per week for part-time students with the same school fee. Sylveria Awah, a staff member at NHIT, says the decision to open a branch in Bamenda was based on the area's educational landscape and young population.

"NEXGEN is coming to Bamenda this year to transform the educational landscape. It is going to be very innovative as far as information technology, business, and management are concerned. It is timely to bring NEXGEN to Bamenda because we have very dynamic young people here who are very practical" Sylveria Awah explains. 

Requirements for Admission
NEXGEN Higher Institute of Technology, which operates under the motto "dream, create, and innovate," provides its students with free internet on campus, flexible onsite and online courses, and the option to pay their tuition in installments. A copy of the birth certificate, a certified copy of GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level, four passport-size pictures, an application form, and a registration fee receipt are required for admission to NHIT.

Extra Advantages..

The Professional Institute, which aims to provide young people with skills to tackle real-world problems as developers while earning a career, will waive 25% of the school tuition for the first 25 candidates who apply at its Bamenda branch.

"Comparatively, NEXGEN has a reasonable fee. We have a 25% discount for students, as we really want to encourage every youth out there to be part of it. What we offer is more than the amount we collect as fees," Sylveria Awah expounds.

It is worth noting that NEXGEN assists its students in developing a portfolio and CV at the end of training, recommends partners for career prospects, and may employ some because they have a programming institution. 

The NEXGEN Higher Institute of Technology Campus in Bamenda is located at the Emperor Building City Chemist, and its curricula are set to begin on October 16, 2023.

P. Laurata reports from Open door day event

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