CCMN North West and West Celebrates International Peace day

Journalists In Bamenda,Commemorating International Peace Day
Reporters In the Northwest Region joined their counterparts across the national territory to observe the International Day of Peace in different forms of broadcast and advocacy ,on September 21st 2019,in Bamenda.

Journalists designed peace messages and shared on different platforms online,to educate listeners, readers and viewers on the need for peace.The Celebration is celebrated at a time when some regions In Cameroon are greatly hit by crisis, and this year's Celebration,is done under the theme "Climate Action For Peace".
In Cameroon,in the North West Region,The Cameroon Community Media Network Northwest and West, in line with the goals of the United Nations General Assembly in 1981,who voted this day as one which promotes a culture of Peace and specifically avoiding war,including other aspects like climate change that may threaten Peace as in the case with the 2019 theme.
The President of the CCMN,North West and West,observes the day with members, within the context of a Crisis hit zone reflecting under the theme " we are the cause,let's be the Solution".While thinking of the effects of the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa,Boko Haram in the North and the Anglophone Crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon,that has gained the world's attention and put Peace at risk.

A series of activities carried out in preparation for the International Day of Peace amongst Colleagues of the profession on different platforms,showed proof of different opinions about what Peace meant and how it is felt.But on this day,CCMN network sent out a message to educate on Peace and how this virtue can be enjoyed,with collective efforts.

Through her message on this day,she explains that Peace is at threat when people scramble over limited economic resources, where there is no freedom of speech,when human needs are not satisfied. And that,natural resources face destruction from man or natural disaster, which poses a huge threat to environment and again putting the Peace factor at risk.
"The evolution of the notion of Peace ,its causes, and Consequences, solutions has to evolve. Living in a Peaceful Society depends on us,as we stand guilty for conflicts that threaten peace,we should be a solution.The International  Peace day celebrated in this time,has rarely been observed as Peace is at risk the world over,as it is in the case today." Madam Roseline Obah Akah said.
Rosaline Obah
" Should the National Dialogue called by President Paul Biya be seen as a welcome relief,given that it will be holding in the days ahead after commemorating a landmark day like the International Day of Peace?We pray our solutions come out of these talks." She added.
Journalists in Bamenda organised themselves to take up projects on Peace Programs,running them through Radios,Televisions and Newspapers,given the reality and effects of the Anglophone Crisis,on those living within the Region who are still looking for survival mechanisms to hope on.

"Our hope is that a solution to the Crisis should come.out of the talks because it is only in a conflict free political space,that effective sustainable climate policy can be taken and be implemented. Peace has no colour,it doesn't discriminate, if we put Peace before our ego,before our victory, Peace will still be ours". Madam Roseline Obah Akah.


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