IDPs In Bamenda Frown at Insufficient Humanitarian Aid

Over 400 families in Bamenda, have benefitted from humanitarian aid provided by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and decentralisation on Tuesday October 8th 2019.
This is the first distribution done after the Major National Dialogue convened by the Head of State,President Paul Biya who promised to assist those affected and displaced as the result of the Ongoing Anglophone Crisis, thereby helping them to return to their different homes.
These 2400 persons who turned out to receive Humanitarian aid,were in great expectation to get same goods as others have received.Most of whom were disappointed because of the absence of mattresses.
Mr Tchounté Guilbert, A representative from the Ministry incharge with the distribution said a few words to calm those who were recipients on the said day.
"What we are doing is humanitarian assistance and we are aware of the tough living conditions which some of them find themselves in,so that is why we try to help them so that they can return to their homes". He said.

" There is a criteria put in place by the distribution centre to ensure whether who is an IDP or not,or who is qualifies to receive, while also paying attention that some persons don't receive aid repeatedly. I trust my guys and I think they are doing a good job" Mr Tchouetté added.
Mr Tchoutté Gilbert from MINAT also explained what can be done about the case of those who have lost their Identity card or other documents in the course of the crisis.
"There is also a mechanism put in place for those recipients who don't have documents to identify themselves.They can get an Authorisation from a quarter head,Gendarme,D.O or SDO,just something to prove that the person is a Cameroonian and is residing somewhere as an IDP." Mr Guilbert explained.
Mr Tchoutté Gilbert from MINAT
One of the recipients expressed emotions anonymously to MELANY NDEFRU DIARY ,after receiving aid including the sum of 10,000frs as transport.
"I am grateful for the little I have received,just that I thought I will get a matrass since I have 10 other IDPs living with me.What I have received is quite small but I will manage,I also want to thank them for the transport I have received". 
The Governor of the NorthWest Region,Adolphe Lele LAfrique,who handed some of the aid to the Recipients made a falsh back on the  resolutions of the Major National Dialogue and gave room for one  the spokesperson of IDPs to give an input.
He then used the opportunity for a recipient to chant the song of the Prodgical son.He used the opportunity to know how keen the People were in following Major National Dialogue and contributing to nation building and encouraged them to spread the word to those in the bushes.
" I call on all to carry the message of the Head of State, to the sub quarters and remote areas,even to those in the bushes, calling on Traditional rulers,Elites to join the Head of State in the move taken to reconcile the region with the nation and families with their Communities." 
North West Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique


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