Pioneer ACJ Executive take up Office

Journalists of Tv, Radio,Print and Bloggers have met in a follow up workshop on Cultural Journalism, which took place on September 25th and 26th,2019 organised by Mboscuda(Mbororo Socio- Cultural Development Association)in collaboration with NOWEFOR(NorthWest  Farmers Organisation).

A project funded by the European Union through a United Purpose based in the United Kindom,trained Journalists in the NorthWest to promote cultural Journalism and add values to broadcasting,as this form of reporting goes a long way to promote culture and enhance the living together in Division facing the problem of Famer Grazier Conflict.

In May 2019,Journalist attended a workshop on Cultural diversity and Cultural rights coordinated by MBOSCUDA,strengthening them in their skills in reporting as guided by international and national Laws.

In was in this light that on June 21st 2019,the maiden meeting for the Association of Cultural Journalists(ACJ) got its official name with members proposing some rules and regulations to guide the Association.

On September 25th,0ver 10members were elected into the Association's executive to Pilot the affairs that concern Cultural Reporting in the NorthWest.

Abongwa Fozo of City FM being the President and Vice as Fawah Agatha of Abakwa FM.Nji Ignatius of the Eden Newspaper as Secretary and
Mokum Thomas of Ndefcam as Vice,Philo Happi of Eden Newspaper as Financial Secretary and Nimpa Francis of Hotcoco as Treasurer.Gnoukapasi Martial of Afrique Nouvelle as Public relations officer while Jeff Ngawe of The Reporter Newspaper and Wanchia Cynthia as Communications officer of MBOSCUDA were charged with the responsibilities of being advisers to the Association.

Participants,expressed satisfaction having taken part in a series of workshops with MBOSCUDA.Penn Elvis a reporter with Wum Community Radio,says the training falls inline within the context he practices in."we have been airing programs to promote peace between famers and graziers,considering that Menchum is one of the places that have suffered the farmer Grazier Conflict over the years.Currently we air programs on The Bridging the gap Project that facilitates solving the problem".He said.

Miss Denisia,a reporter with CBS radio Bamenda says the worship has improved her skills on reporting on Cultural issues. "It has been quite an enriching workshop which has made me to now run cultural programs,widening my scope on reporting especially when I interacting  with the layman or the minority in local areas,I gain more knowledge on what culture is all about." She said.

One of the Facilitators at the workshop Mr Charles Nji,rates evaluation at 85-90%,saying he has monitored and he thinks participants are putting in more efforts."Journalists are putting all that the learn from the workshops with MBOSCUDA in to Practice.I have followed some radios and newspapers in their form of reporting and I think efforts put in here, don't go to waste."He added.

Sali Usmanu in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation with MBOSCUDA says despite Security Challenges,Journalists participatory approach and inputs are very encouraging. "We are currently working on the BTG Project(Bridging the Gap Project) and having workshops like this,we also do follow up and from every indication,every Journalist is making efforts to incorporate inter-cultural Dialogue in their discussions and shaping some of their programs to sooth the context." Mr Sali Usmanu.

The Pioneer executive Council has been charged with the responsibly to follow up at every level with the implementation of Projects to promote peace in the Region and also to promote cultural reporting activities.
Ndefru Melanie

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