Journalists Challenged to Protect the Environment

Journalists from Centre,Littoral,West and NorthWest Regions at Workshop in Koutaba
Over 35 Journalists drawn from the West, NorthWest,Littoral and Centre regions have attended a two day workshop on Environment and Climatic Change in Koutaba,Noun Division in the West Region on October 2nd and 3rd 2019.
The workshop is organized by Tomorrow Children,a Civil Society Organisation as part of the Project,Climatic Policy and Energy Security Program for Sub-Saharan Africa,with a French acronym (CLESAP),sponsored by Konrad Adeneaur a German Based Organization.

Tomorrow Children,brought together Journalists from community radios from 4regions to educate them in the need to Protect Environment and avoid frequent Climatic changes that appear detrimental to health conditions.

The knowledge given by facilitators and experts at the workshop, was intended for the audience these Journalists are targeting in their different media houses,to sensitize more on the need to keep Environment Clean.

Madam Njayou Mariama, CEO of the Civil Society Organisation, Tomorrow Children, based in Koutaba Noun Division,holding a 3rd official workshop since its birth explained the need for such a workshop to hold,about Protecting Environment.
Madam Njayou Mariama,CEO of Tomorrow Children
 "The Workshop is aimed at empowering Community Media about Environment and fight against Climate Change.We hope that,at the end of the workshop evey Journalist or participant will be able to produce a program or write up about the fight against Climate Change and encourage everyone to take care of their environment". Madam Njayou Mariama said.
" The workshop promotes the other kind of Journalism because our Journalists talk on social issues and the workshop will add more knowledge  on how Journalists will relate with issues concerning Environment.We on our own part will continue to support them with the information they will need on Environment and climate change, in their different media houses,for broadcast."She adds.
"We also hope they will be able to sensitize the different communities the represent, on how to keep the environment clean and use techniques provided to implement while protecting environment and limiting climate change." Mariama Njayou
 Participants shared their views about how they felt taking part in the workshop, with focus on Environment Protection.
Miss Claudine Tabi,My Media Prime,Douala tells us about more skills acquired. "I am learning a lot on how to Protect Environment by refraining from activities,like burning toxic waste that tampers with climate change and to Communicate attitude that influence our Environment".She said.
Mr Alote Ardo of Canal Mont from Foumban, says he is more informed about the objectives of the CSO and will communicate programs that fall in that line." The workshop is about treating information relating to environment,we acquire tools and techniques on how to approach society on issues based on Environment and Climate Change. Experts have broadened our knowledge on how to guide those in our communities and also have provided us with the laws that guide the Exercise ".Mr Alote said.

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