Traditional Rulers,away from Peace Caravan Urged to Return Home


Peace Caravan Delegates have sat in a consultative administrative meetings with their  Respective SDOs on Monday 18th 2019, to discuss the way forward for the Caravan launch in their respective Divisions in the Northwest Region. 

All Divisional heads present except for Donga Mantung, who are expected to collaborate with their counterparts to ensure that the Peace Caravan initiative is welcomed and successful in all parts of the Northwest  Region. 

Most of these persons designated to lead the caravan in their respective hometowns, ahead of the municipal and legislative  elections, find the time frame too short to have prepared themselves to deliver the message to the Indigenous People. 

The Senior Divisional Officers for their respective Divisions, confirm with the Governor of the Northwest Region, about the ongoing ground work in their various jurisdiction and assured the Peace Caravan Delegates of maximum collaboration and security during the Divisional Launch. And that is waa our of question that forces of law and order pull back,  because they were versed with the situation on the field. 

Some of the Members of Parliament talk about the need to make Elites and Traditional Leaders to return home, an effective collaboration with them so that the Peace process will be smooth and guaranteed. According to Honorable Wallang Richard of Menchum Division, there was need for the Traditional  rulers to Poor libations of Peace.

For over 3years, within the Anglophone Crisis, many Traditional Rulers had fled their different villages and resided in the cities of Douala and Yaounde. Abandoning their palaces and people, without visiting back home and be present in times of their need. The question of how they travel back and get security guarantee in the crisis hit areas,  still lingers in the minds of those willing to go back home for field work

The Security challenge of accessing some of the Divisions or sub Divisions in Mezam, is a Major challenge for some of the Peace Caravan Delegates. The message meant for the People during the Divisional Launching is intended to calm the hearts and motivate those willing to do effective work on ground. 

Reactons from the Governor of the Northwest Region, opening and building files on those who prove resistant to the call for Peace, was welcomed by leaders of the Caravan for the Different Divisions. 

Honorable Banmi Emmanuel of Nkoketunjia, south Balikumbat says the time frame is too brief for preparations.
"I have received threats to me and my family, to me the time frame to prepare the launch for the Peace Caravan in the Division is too short, the possibility of mobilizing and getting People to talk to, before getting those to work with for an effective job to be done, is still uncertain." Talking in the meeting. 

Honorable Enwe Francis of Momo- West says members are not ready to go to the field. "Many of my members are giving Excuses why they cannot go to they field. As of last meeting till now, not up to 4 persons are willing to go" He said. 

Mr Akwa Patrick Kumbong is confident that with the ground work done in Wum, Menchum Division by The Mayor of the Wum Council and Honorable Wallang Richard, The Peace Caravan Delegates can have the opportunity to talk to the people.
"Wum is relatively calm, besides the thorn of threats we receive, we are obliged to do work expected by Government which we find necessary and important, to go to the people and use calm words, preaching Peace." Mr Always Patrick. 

"If I die in the hands of my people, it will be better, because I brave the odds to bring a message of Peace that will bring Development to my own People." He added.

Very much is expected from what will result from the Regional Launch of Major National Dialogue and from the Divisional Launch by Peace Caravans, though many are not convinced of meeting the people they should talk with.

Ndefru Melanie


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