Vulnerable People, Beneficiaries of Reconstruction and Development

The National Coordinator for the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the Northwest and Southwest region, has emphasized on the major criteria for beneficiaries being Vulnerability.

For the purpose of emphasis, he was speaking in Bamenda, on the 3rd day of his working visit in the Northwest Region on June 24th 2020, while recieving Divisional delegations from Mezam, Momo and Ngoketunjia.

He said "The major criteria is vulnerability, vulnerability supercross alot of components of the plan when it comes to household, building homes is not the only thing, there other components of the plan; agriculture, livestock that was stolen or killed". Paul Tasong.

I want to emphasize that we have different ways to access vulnerability, there are people who have left the region and will never come back, which means those who will not come back are not vulnerable, if u plan to go reconstruct your life somewhere else, it means you are not vulnerable, you had other alternative" The National Coordinator explains.

" If you go deep into the villages, there are children who have not been able to go to school for the past 4years, they are more vulnerable, they had no means to move. These are where priorities go to." Paul Tasong added.

There are elements the commission is looking at before considering those who will benefit from the plan, making it inclusive and the national Coordinator ofthe PPRD concludes that the category of beneficiaries called household will benefit from the plan through rebuilding their homes, which also goes beyond that.

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