Road Works In Nkambe Begin through Community Efforts

cross section of those in attendance

Representatives of the transport sector, vehicle owners and other transporters, Achaba Union, Businessmen and other Stakeholders have met in nkambe Subdivision to take urgent action to repair some bad spots on the National road along the Nkambe - Ndu stretch which is nearly cutting off.

The meeting took place on August 5th, in the presence of the Mayor of Nkambe, Mayor Nfor Musa who chaired and brought these stakeholders to an emmergency meeting, with the main aim of joining efforts and commence road works.

Nature of roads

The team of engineers dispatched to the affected portions, brought results and presented in a follow up meeting, which held on Thursday 6th August.

portion of road in Nkambe

According to the feasibility studies, the first phase of the road maintenance will need total scrapping and drainage at six main spots followed by filling with about 90 truck loads of hard laterite, the works will also need two Fronthead loaders, Ten 20tonnes camions,two graders and the support of man power (mannual labour).

The estimated amount for first phase is 2,650,000 Cfa and reacting to the situation, which is a reality the populations there lived, Mayor Nfor Musa Shey told the Stakeholders that;

Mayor Nfor Musa presiding emmergency meeting

"it is time to invoke the well known community spirit because it will be difficult for Government to act fast on the said portion of the Ring road". He's aaid.

Unanimously, individual contributions were adopted as the way forward, with Businessman Mr Tumenta Emmanuel ( Emmanuel Binshua) designated Treasurer, Tamnjong Richard and Haruna Mohamadou as collectors and communications, while Nfor Musa Shey will act as Coordinator.

Launching the contributions on the spot was as follows:
1. Nfor Musa Shey- 300,000Frs 2. Emma Binshua 100,000Frs and a Camion.

Other collections were carried out till, saturday 8th August and the sum of 1,245,500 Cfa was collected by 7pm same night.

The coordination team has fixed the first phase of the road works, to commence monday 10th August 2020, with attention focused on the first portions, which will be around the Mbot Fons palace then Mbiyeh towards Ndu section.

Cross section of those in attendance

There is total mobilization, as the Coordinator thanked those who have already reacted, and sent appeals to elites and other stakeholders to act financially or materially as these works will continue throughout the remaining rainy season this year.

By Ndefru Melanie

Source: Close aid

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