BCC Revenue Increases Despite Dual Crisis Situation

 City Mayor reading Welcome Address

The cancelation of 2 months rents and the revenue collected through cemetery fee has improved council revenue, according to the Bamenda City Mayor and reports from the social/ welfare committee of the Bamenda City council.

These observations were made during a mid term evaluation session, which held in Bamenda on August 7th,2020, with the Bamenda City Mayor chairing the session, in the era of security and health challenges.

"Despite the cancelation of 2 months rents at the sheds of the market, there has been a mark of improvement in Council Revenue", Mayor Paul Achombang tells councilors and administration present at the session.

An amount of 4,047,376,748 was budgeted for the year 2020, but what has been realised as Revenue by mid term evaluation, stood at 1,222,907,354 Cfa, being 30.21% and expenditure stood at 755,129,358 Cfa recording 18.66%.

Cross section of  city councilors

The secretary to the Social and Welfare Committee, Muzam Damarie remarks that the cemetery fee had contributed a good percentage of revenue for the council, she added that it was challenging burying love ones and called on powers that be to solve the crisis, and guard against the deadly disease, Covid-19.

The health of the population in Bamenda was also the center of discussion at the council session, with emphasis laid on the need for city councilors to play the role of sensitization, informing the mass to guard against the deadly disease.

According to reports, Out of 711 people tested positive of the virus, the 472 infected people are from Bamenda, with a record of over 500 recovered cases, with 373 cases being from Bamenda, not leaving out a number of 66 deaths recorded and the 42 people who died are from Bamenda.

SDO, Mezam.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, did not fail insisting on the need for people to learn how to wear their mask and respect preventive measures.

"The midway evaluation session is based mainly to fight against Covid-19, am expecting alot from you in terms of sensitization, don't take the mask and offer them only to your friends and familly members, you must prote t the people and show them that your first Interest is their health" SDO Mezam.

City Mayor handing face masks

The City Mayor shared out face mask to all councilors as a way to encourage them, sentize the population to guard against the disease and put on their face mask frequently.

Apart from health challenges, he talked about the aspect of bad council roads that need attention, remarking that it is the cry of all road users, another challenge faced but, added that the city council,by September, will be sure to have fixed some roads and maintain others.

Mayor Tambeng Paul said, the SDO for Mezam, will "facilitate the process for the city council to provide driving license to over 1000 bike riders, each costing 11000 Cfa, incurring and amount of over 11 milion Cfa". Mayor Bamenda City Council.

Secretary, Works and Transportation

Fongoh Pius Kisang, secretary of the works and transportation committee, observed through his reports that, the city council had executed less than 20% of her action plans due to the socio political upheaval, while the maintenance of potholes on council roads is delaying because of the rains.

By Ndefru Melanie


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