Stakeholders Poised for Joined Efforts to Realise Projects In NWR

A cross section of participants

During the Public Investment Project follow up meeting, that met to validate mature project and set for programming, divisional delegates were adviced to work hand in glove with Mayors for the realisation of projects within the different communities.

This observation was made by the secretary general at the governor's office, Viang Mekala sitting for the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique on August 6th, at the MINEPAT hall Bamenda, for the validation of mature projects and programming.

The Senior Disional officer, Simon Emile remarked that, there is lack of synergy within the stakeholders involve in the execution of projects, and strongly condemned the actions of some divisional delegates who are not willing to collaborate with Mayors, for projects in the Northwest to come to fruition.

"I will not hesitate to give them queries of suspend them, Divisional delegates are there to help Mayors they should not make the work of Mayors difficult" Simon Emile Mooh, SDO Mezam.

Regional meeting for the maturalization and programming of projects, brought together stake holders concerned, to work and present a simple format for the maturization of projects.

Regional Delegate MINEPAT, NWR

This, according to the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, Dominic Fotsop, is the only way to achieve these developmental projects and identify mature projects, put in place at the level of the region for exploitation at anytime.

Feedback report from technical committee was not positive and this reminded state services to provide services free of charge, while congratulating senior partners like MINMAP, MINDEVEL, PNDP, FEICOM, who took the task to do what was assigned, though challenging, the regional delegate termed their efforts as a "great push".

Though many council areas were noted not to have lobbied for projects, 503 projects according to the regional delegate MINEPAT, were validated, accepted and good for funding by the state. But again said "because of the giant nature of Mezam, the reports are ready to get changes."

He mentioned other challenges, "some mayors or project owners sent projects without attestation of site availability, difficulty at the level of State engineers, with no equipment available to work with and other projects rejected because it didn't demonstrate what is requested(no use of diagrams)" he observed.

Cross section of Mayors in the Region

He pleaded with Mayors and other stakeholders concerned, being development oriented,to correct the errors and make work easy for the technical team.

"With the dispensation of decentralization, Mayors are expected to give in more support for the interest of the suffering population, in the maturization meeting".

Observations were made and recommendations arrived at, stipulating that extension and preparation of projects, will end same day, while technicians from the state will be as council workers
and Mayors needing technical services should go through the Senior Divisional Officer.

Follow up meetings have held to ensure that projects are being executed, yet, the common man is yet to enjoy the fruition of some projects which have registered null since the beginning of the Anglophone Crisis in 2016.

Familly photo of Stakeholders in the NWR

By Ndefru Melanie

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