Back to School: Hundreds Turn out For Didatic Material at Bamenda 2

The Crowd that turned out for Didatic Material.

Over a thousand Pupils and Students, accompanied by their teachers and  Parents have turned out at the Bamenda 2 Council, to recieve didatic materials, as a way to show their readiness to return to class on October 5th 2020.

The distribution exercise took place on Saturday October 3rd, in Bamenda, as children of school going age and students turned out in their numbers to recieve books, pens, pencils and some anti Covid kits, to better prepare themselves for a healthy academic year.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 promotes inclusive Education

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 felt comfortable providing for the children and facilitating acess to Education than build houses when children stayed home without going to school.

A cross section of gifts from Minister Mbayu Felix

His Excellency Felix MBAYU, Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations, In Charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, gave full support to the Pupils and students through the Bamenda 2 council and provisions were made for items that could be used both at home and in school. 

A portion of books, School bags and writing materials

For Didatic materials; books, pens, pencils, sharpeners, school bags and other items were amongst other items recieved.  While for home use, the recipients got toothpaste, soap, sanitizers, buckets.

Teachers were also adviced to station some of these anti Covid kits in their different school campuses to help the pupils and students fight Coronavirus, while keeping them healthy through out the academic year.

Mayor of Bamenda 2 talking to Press

The Bamenda 2 Council offered over 10 Taxis to facilitate movement within the city, schoolarships to encourage pupils and students and encouraged inclusive education by offering financial support, some school items to persons living with disability.

"The children are ready to go to school, we pray they make use of the didatic materials given them and the council sends out 10 taxis to ply the streets of Bamenda, to facilitate movement, which is free of charge as schools are beginning, We don't want parents to complain that there was no movement for the kids to go to school." Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter.

Teachers were adviced to answer present in their different schools as the academic year kickstarts on October 5th 2020, or will have their their salaries suspended. This, the Divisional Officer said during the ceremony that saw pupils and students receive school items from the council.

The D.O for Bamenda 2 address teachers 

"We will not tolerate those teachers playing the double standard hearing position and believe that we have to go back to school and intimidate the enermy" D.O Bamenda 2.

"The turn out of the population massive for the back to school campaign and our advocacy today is that Bamenda 2 is prepared for school ressumption come October 5th, because the population that is present here is collaborating for peace to come back to their different Communities, they want peace and It is yielding fruits." He added.

He reiterated that the limitations on the movement of bikes had been a great plus, to the peace process and observed that there has been a great collapse in Separatists activities.

"Few weeks that bikes were stopped, we have not had sporadic gunshots nor kidnappings. We are assuring the teachers, pupils and students that full security measures are put in place, to guarantee their safety" he added.

By Ndefru Melanie

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