LIFIDEP adopts 2021 Budget Worth Over 7 Billion

View of the hall

The 2021 budget for the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project has been approved and adopted at Seven billion six million five hundred and fifty- four thousand, during its 12th Steering Committee meeting, while Government contributes over 175 million cfa being a quota of the said budget.

The budget and plan of action for 2021 was discussed in LIFIDEP's 12th Steering Committee meeting in Bamenda on January 19th 2021, as the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique presided over the meeting.

NW Governor reads opening Speech

The reading and appraisal of the 2020 annual report, the 2021 work plan and budget of LIFIDEP was examined at the meeting, while Stakeholders/representatives of the grassroot population present showed gratitude to government and its partners for improving on their living standards.

The meeting discussed issues related to the project, including development policies and strategies to improve on project action. The action revealed plans for 2021, in effect the session was essentially a budgetary session.

Counting its achievements in other to know their point of take off was of great importance to LIFIDEP's management team, the Governor did not fail commending the efforts is stakeholders so far on project execution.

27 water supply scheme plans completed and recieved, construction of vaccination crushes at 70% execution, cattle market construction at 62%, Community halls at 60% amongst others, not forgetting the rehabilitation of the 500km rural road, effectively started in Donga Mantung, Mezam, Momo and Ngoketungia.

Governor talks to Press

"Board members seized the opportunity to congratulate management for achievements registered for the year 2020 despite the security and health crisis. Much has been done for the grassroot population, reason why their representatives thanked the Islamic Development Bank and the Government of Cameroon, improving on their living standards." NW Governor.

"Cattle markets have been built across the region, including portable water thanks to the cooperation between government and her partners. We appeal that the task of the government be eased to negotiate new projects for the region".

LIFIDEP's Steering Committee Family Picture

The steering committee was satisfied about most projects completed and recieved by beneficiaries, though with others still at a certain execution rate. The City Mayor amongst other reccomendations was advised to work in close collaboration with Project Management unit, to allocate appropriate piece of land for a milk processing plant.

Project schedule is expected to close in September 2021 as per the extension period approved by the Cameroon Government and the Islamic Development Bank.

Though insecurity continues to be a ca for concern in the Northwest region, the people are hopeful that when the reconstruction phase begins in the Northwest region it will pave the way for projects to be executed In the region.

By Ndefru Melanie


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