Clean Up Campaign Launched In Garoua Boulai, Employing Youths

Young Volunteers have engaged in an excercise dubbed "Garoua Boulai Clean Up campaign", organized by the Garoua Boulai Council, to clean up and maintain sanitary habits within some quarters in the city of Garoua.

According to administration this can only be successful through strong actions, mobilization from the people in order to alleviate the issue of flooding caused by rainwater.

The cleanup started two weeks ago and targeted 6 quaters of Garoua Boulai, where the Mayor of Garoua Boulai, Adamou Abdon is at the front of the scene, supervising works.

The spaces to be developed are; tertiary collectors (gutters passing in front of households), secondary collectors (masonry gutters), primary collectors (gardeners' channels), but for the slab gutters which are opened using only machines.

The Mayor noted that there was less commitment, no team work from the workforce and he went ahead to entrust the work in the hands of a communal agent and young volunteers. To him it was a way of occupying them during the summer holiday period, while reducing unemployment rate.

The initiative was recieved with relief by the inhabitants living in this areas of the municipality of Garoua Boulai, especially those concerned with the operation. It was an opportunity to occupy the young people who know the streets and avenues of their municipalities.

"Given that they were born and raised here, I hope that they will do better than those who come from elsewhere" Mayor of Garoua Boulai subdivision.

He adds that some streets and avenues have been developed by the young people of his area of command before the launch of the clean up campaign.

"These young people organize themselves every Saturday to clean the gutters and we support them each time they go for field work" Mayor.

A monitoring committee made up of several young people and town hall officials was set up, to check on the work done on the avenues and streets of the different areas earmarked for the excercise and to do a report at each site visited.

This operation, although launched to clean and open gutters in order to clear the household waste that litter the streets and avenues, preventing the circulation of rainwater, does not cover all the desired places.
These young people thought of having a hygiene and sanitation team to contribute and follow up on the cleanliness of the city for the well-being of the populations.
"There are no companies coming to work in these areas in earmarked for cleanliness" Mayor.

There is a request for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education to encourage young people in this direction and finance their projects so that there is a large number of national companies to follow up on the sanitation of the city.

By Ndefru Melanie

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