Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Role Models Earn Recognition after Training

Some Cameroonian youths have been encouraged to be developmentalists in their communities, while celebrating the life of the founder- Duke of Edinburgh International, HRH Prince Philip born on June 10, 1921 and died April 9, 2021, two months before his birthday.

The infinite potential of young people which he encouraged throughout his life, was the main reason why MINJEC selected some Cameroonian youths and encouraged them to build development strides and be examplary in their cmmunities.

This recognition was done on the celebration of the 100th Birthday of its founder, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, which took place at the conference Hall of MINJEC Nlongkak, Yaoundé.

This was an award known as "The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award", a non-formal education and learning framework through which young people's achievements outside of the classroom are recognised and celebrated.

During the Award ceremony, the National Director of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Cameroon Mrs Munge Epie Nicole laid emphasis on the objective of the award being the celebration of the life of the founder.

"The award ceremony celebrates young people who have undergone activities developing their communities, earning for themselves medals and certificates.

"These youths did great things: climbing mountains, working at homes for the elderly, washing theirs dresses, picking bottles for transformation. Their efforts show how ready they are to face the challenges of the world. They won't give up at anytime because that is what the challenges try to bring out".

"The Duke of Edinburgh leaves behind a legacy for young people which has been going on for centuries and his utmost will was that young people should grow up, able to face challenges and that they should not give up on themselves."

Dr Diane Acha Morfaw, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees while addressing the audience, urged the Youths to be role models in their communities for eventual development, noting that some of them worked in protecting the environment and worked to transform communities, while transforming themselves.

She then thanked MINJEC and saaid "The journey has just started. What you began, it's for life", encouraging them to work harder and delegating them as ambassadors of Edinburgh's International in their communities.

The award was categorized in Community service, Skills development, Physical recreation, Adventurous journey for which an activity must be chosen by a participant and completed at each level.

The three levels of Award were BRONZE which runs for six months, SILVER which runs for 12 months for those without Bronze and six months for those with Bronze medals, GOLD which runs for 24 months for those without Silver nor Bronze; 12 months for those with Silver.

Mbi Azizeh, a Silver medal recipient shared her feelings after receiving her award.

"This will boast my morale to know how to contribute in my community at the local level, to increase my leadership skills and contribute to the development of my country Cameroon."

"I learned that it is important to give back to my community, this will mean community service. We don't have to wait on the government to do everything but as youths we have to give back to our community in our little ways through volunteering in cleaning the community or in doing other activities" she added.

To these young recipients, the awards had made them to be ambassadors in their communities which futher encourages their peers to join the award program know how to develop their leadership skills.

The Award targeted voluntary youth achievement programme for young people 14 to 24 years old globally, while the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme provides leisure time activities and a rewarding agenda that fills the gap left by formal tuition.

It equips young people with life skills, builds their confidence and engages them with their communities to make a difference.

By Ndefru Melanie


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