Ngaoundéré: Musgum Community Appreciates Dr Azibé Mazra

Musgum sons and daughters assembled at the Doumbé Oumar stadium in Ngaoundéré, Adamawa region and thanked Dr Azibé Mazra for acting as a great unifier through his actions on peace and development .

As an examplary person, a cross section and different class of people within communities in Ngaoundéré joined their voices, moblized in their numbers to appreciate their elite in the best of ways

The people saw character traits in Dr Azibé Mazra as a veterinarian, a man of peace and development, through his donations.

He offered equipment in several health centers and orphanages, created opportunities for communities to send their children to school, granting scholarships.

Michael Maras President of the Musgum community Association of Ngaoundéré was glad to have the first edition of its football tournament sponsored by Dr Azibé.

The President of Musgum Women Association, Ahourloum Linda said "we your mothers, your women, your girls, your sisters of the Musgum Community recognize you as a man of dialogue and reconciliation, we love you and say thank you for the love you have for your community ".

Awinalao Roger told this reporter that the elite is a "great builder who has accomplished the miracle of reviving the socio-cultural lives of the Musgum community in Adamawa".

"He has restored and enhance the dignity, pride of the Musgum people. The people of Musgum have been more empowered through his gesture and are now becoming more influential and economic actors in the Region". He added.

The Musgum Community is now peace advocating, practicing living together and working for a strong Cameroonian economy.

By Katakap Heritier

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