Ngaoundéré: Women of Beka Benefit from Donation Worth 250 million Francs Cfa From CAPHAVET's DG

Dr Azibé Mazra, Director General of CAPHAVET has made several donations worth millions at the Health Center in Beka, Ngaoundéré, during his visit to the area on Mother's Day, same day with Musgum Community's first edition football tournament.

These donations included: medical equipment; hospital beds (mattresses), given in the presence of political, administrative and customary authorities.

The Director General of CAPHAVET provided the Lamidat's hospital in Ngaoundéré with equipment, alongside the Musgum women training equipment in Ngaoundéré.

Foodstuffs, like rice, oil, tomato paste, canned food and pasta were given to the same beneficiaries.

The Donor used the opportunity to reiterate his support to the Musgum community, assuring them of his support in the best ways.

The President of the Regional Council, Adamawa, Dr Dewa Mohamadou recieved the donation and showed gratitude to the donor, who according to him was contributing for the development of the region.

Dr Azibé MAZRA Director General of CAPHAVET, a Vertinary Pharmacy in Ngaoundéré, recieved a medal of Knight of the Cameroonian National Order of Merit on May 20th, decorated by the Governor of the Adamawa region, Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar.

The distinction recognized him in the services of being a visionary leader who created many companies including CAPHAVET in 1993.

He has positioned the latter against all odds, to become the leader in the importation and distribution of veterinary drugs and equipment in Cameroon.

Words from the President of the association; Musgum Community Association of Adamawa, Michael Maras, expressed safisfaction over the gifts offered on behalf of the local population who saw the gesture as timely.

By Katakap Heritier

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