12 AGYW (Adolescent Girls, Young Women) from NW and SW Find a Safe Space

Some 12 ladies have benefitted from COMAGEND's "Her Voice Project" aimed at providing a safe space for Adolescent girls and young women, for them to brainstorm on their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Services and other pertinent issues.

Some of these young women and girls are not aware of their health rights and those who are aware may not know how to access these services. It is for this reason that a 5 days boot camp was organized by COMAGEND within the framework of Her Voice Project and funded by Global Fund.

This camp saw the attendance of about 12 Adolescent girls and young women, who came together to put up a manual which will let them know who to hold accountable for matters involving the implementation of the Sexaul reproductive health rights in Cameroon.

The project, as a didatic tool has educated and equiped these adolescent young women and girls with the right strategies to know and claim their spaces. The manual produced will serve as a source of reference for these target groups, the population and researchers.

Ndum Charlotte Ayeah one of the 12 participants is pleased to have been a participant and says the toolkit will be of great reference.

"I was previligded to be among the advocates that were selected for the 5 days boot camp at COMAGEND. I have been able to learn alot while fratanising with other adolescent girls and young women who are facing difficult realities every day."

"I cannot put a price tag on what I have learnt these days, we developed a toolkit to use while on the field, to sensitize other adolescent girls/women and also push for policies that can better the lives of these girls who are in very pathetic predicament".

Referring to Sally Mboumien and the Project Manager, Claire as empowered ladies, Participants said they developed some skills in photography, and how to carry out proper research while producing the toolkit.

"Practical lessons and games were taught so that we can actually get to the field and explain to these girls and other stakeholders so that we can work towards a change in mentality."

This 12 AGYW are going out to engage, equip and create awareness within adolescents girls and other stakeholders so that they can influence, create and claim their safe space".

Nukuna Florence told the press that "One of the impact the boot camp had created is that of creating awareness within other adolescents girls and young women who did not participate in the boot camp, sharing knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights."

By Bamenjo Petronilla


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