Courts In Bamenda Denied New Chairs/Tables

Over 100 chairs and 10 tables have been rejected by Government, being a gift offered by Barrister Kemende Henry Gamsey, Senator of the Republic.

The Donor being of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party for the Northwest, had intensions to furnished the courts in Bamenda with new chairs and tables but reception of the items was denied.

"I am giving these chairs as a Senator of the Republic. I was informed by an authority in charge with regard to my letter, who said it was minuted on the letter that "ce n'est pas necessaire".

"It is an insult to the people I represent. As a representative of the people, I am better placed as an appointee, as an elected official to determine what my people need. And I saw the chairs and tables as a need, for the people in the courts".

These items worth over 3.5 million cfa francs, packed in the Senator's yard for about 4 months waiting for official reception was rejected by government, according to Senator Kemende.

According to Barrister Kemende Henry Gamsey, investing in these items was more sustainable contrary to the present state of chairs and tables in the courts.

"I decided to look at the sector were I come from; the judiciary of the North West Region and decided to make a symbolic gift, being the sector of my regional activity because I am into a situation of compatibility as a legal practitioner and lawmaker".

"i discovered that when my colleagues get to the courtrooms they don't have sufficient seats, they don't have chairs and some don't have good tables that in a dignified manner, will enable them sit comfortably and discharge their functions before the law court"

The Senator had made some findings on how to go about offering the said gift. He told press that he discussed with the local authorities; the Procurer General and the President of the Court of appeal, who found favor and welcomed the idea".

"I went into business, invested part of my intervention fund into producing these chairs and tables.
The chief justice of the region told me to put the offer in writing so that he can address it and refer to the hierarchy stating my intention."

After visiting the Ministry of Justice and got first hand feedback from the hierarchy concerned with his letter,he returned with intensions of transforming the rejection from government into benefits.

The Senator has decided to assist in finding solutions to the water crisis in his area, identifying the water crisis at GRA- Upstation, Bamenda.

"I have seen people in the dry season passing with buckets to fetch water as they are looking for places to fetch water and I believe these people need assistance, because water is a basic necesity"

According to him, the water project will cost about 5million Cfa francs, which will warrant that he liquidates the property rejected to enable him realize the water project, creating a bore hole at GRA Upstation for the public to enjoy.

"If the Minister feels like apologizing to the people, he will only need to provide these needs; the chairs and tables to the courts, which I found as a want in that sector, to alleviate the people's hardship." Senator Kemende.

By Ndefru Melanie


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