Covid-19: Stakeholders Urged to Assume Role of Communicators, For Effective Response

Regional Delegate, Public Health

The Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr. Kingsley Che Nsoh has pleaded with key actors in the Northwest region, to participate in the Covid-19 response during this 2nd phase of the Immunization Campaign, in order to meet their target.


The information session on the Covid-19 pandemic response held at the conference Hall of the the Northwest Regional Fund for Health Promotion on June 6th 2021, to brief stakeholders and the media on the situation analysis of the virus in the region, the difficulties encountered and how to better galvanize for the immunization Campaign that begins 7th to 11th July 2021.

Given the analysis during the session, it was revealed that; 4 out of every 10 persons put on their facemasks, same number were either infected or agreed with the need to get the Covid vaccine and 5 out of 10 persons know they can call and get required information on Covid-19.

According to the Regional Delegate, persons who have taken the Covid vaccine can act as a moral booster to those who are still hesitant. "People are timidly coming for Vaccination, yet health facilities have enough Vaccines to reach their target". Dr. Kingsley Che Nsoh.

Emphasis is laid on the fact that everyone should get vaccinated, with a high probability that even megaphones in villages, especially in far off communities will be used to ensure that information about this 2nd Immunization campaign is well understood by the local man.

Participants of the Session

Concerns of No water in some areas in the Northwest Region was raised, as one of the factors that may puncture the goal of the campaign. The need for test kits in some far off facilities, anti-covid kits needed in other areas, in order to reinforce barrier measures.

Dr Kingsley Che Nsoh adviced that these challenges could be dealt with through collective efforts. While stating that "there are no zero test kits in the region, citing facilities with these kits and that DMOs in far off districts are making efforts to provide their districts with what is needed".

Slides presented during the session

Dr Chebo Cornelius, Coordinator of the EPI program Northwest region cautioned the need for more Sensitization because improvement in the Immunization campaign is observed to be timid, from April 14th 2021 when Vaccination started.

Director, Regional Hospital Bamenda

To Dr Denis Nsame, the timid nature in the curve rising was due to the information gotten on most social media platforms, that plays a major role in downplaying the urge to rush for the Vaccine. 

Administrator, NWRFHP

He, like Dr Richard Fondoh, Administrator of the Northwest Regional Fund for Health Promotion, made an appeal asking the local population to refrain from the "gabbage" dumped on social media, that stops them from getting vaccinated.

Familly Picture

By Ndefru Melanie


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