Youth 2 Youth Sensitize Population on Sexual Reproductive Health

A one day street activity aimed at sensitizing and educating the population on unsafe abortion and unwanted pregnancy, has taken place in Bamenda, Northwest region of Cameroon.

The ethics of Youth to Youth organization kicks against abortion and they have raised awareness about the existence of this practice in society, devise strategies to stop this social Ill while educating the population.

Unsafe abortion in itself is not a good practice. Several school of thought have brought forth their point of view concerning unsafe abortion and unwanted pregnancy.

A parent who prefered anonymity said " My grand daughter is a medical doctor. We can imagine if the child was aborted".

He reiterated that, abortion in itself is bad. He cautioned young girls to keep their unborn babies and refraining from aborting.

"Talk to the children so that they do not practice unsafe abortion". He concludes by encouraging parents to be friendly with their children and avoid being aggressive to children with pregnancy. This he says would go a long way to reduce abortion in the community and society at large.

With this campaign, we cannot totally eradicate this practice in society but we know it would be reduced as we reached out to over one hundred individuals.

By Fozao Vaniela

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