"Blue Home" Launched, Now in the Market

Consumers can now get the best of the 4G connection at home, while in the office, with a guaranteed minimum band of 2 Mbps. This is now marketable thanks to Cameroon Telecommunications, the incumbent mobile telephone operator in Cameroon.

The official launch of this product was done on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at the Jamot sales office in Yaoundé, by the Deputy General Manager of Camtel, Daniel Désiré OLLE, closely accompanied by Sir, Terry HE; President of Huawei Northern Africa, who coordinates over 28 African countries in the region.

"It is a smart revolution, intended for your smartphone and your home and rechargeable via all mobile money solutions," the Deputy GM Desire Olle said.

The Deputy General Manager of CAMTEL indicated that: "Blue Home" is four times faster than 4G internet; it is Wireless to the home as opposed to Fiber to the Home.”

Among Camtel's internet products, "Blue Home" is positioned as a very high-end product, with the particularities that the customer uses his modem at home or at the office, in which his subscription (LTE chip only in 242 or 243) is installed. Once the chip is configured in a defined area, it cannot work elsewhere.

According to the project Manager, Edmond Zama:"Blue Home" was designed for households, startups, small businesses, witth high speed, up to 10 Mbps, that consumers can watch TV content online in very high definition and download at a speed of less than ten minutes for a movie. You can also download as many movies and series as you want for a whole month."

"Blue Home" is also easy to recharge, no studies necessary, no installation work, once you give your zone, camtel agents configure your CPE and you connect it yourself at home,” he said.
Presenting Blue Home, the project manager, Edmond Zama said it is a WTTx (Wireless To The Home) which provides internet four times faster than the 4G with unlimited download.

He revealed that product comes to fill a gap in the market by providing services in homes, startups, small enterprises and shops with no installation needed to acquire the configuration.

A client just needs to install the sim in the modem and ready to go.

“The goal of this project (Blue Home) is to fill in the gaps. CAMTEL for a long time had been running a fibre product which is very good but sometimes can be costly and sometimes can take a lot of time to get to the customer. So the idea of the Blue Home was to fill in that gap, a solution that will quickly allow customers to come to the agency, pick up a box and get connected,” Edmond Zama said.

“We need to (also) remember that the connection is not the ADSL or DSL connection, it is a fibre-like experience. So it was that desire to try to match that experience with a very quick roll out capability and that is what we did,” he added
He added that when there is no longer internet, it is easy to buy credit on Switchn (mobile application) via OM and MoMo, then activate your Blue Home package on * 825 #, at anytime, anywhere.

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at Jamot's sales office in Yaoundé, the first customers of Blue Home indicated that: "Blue Home guarantees fiber optic speed, which is not offered at MTN Home" . The same source revealed that: ”At MTN Home, at the end of the quota, your speed drops to 256 Kbps maximum. At Blue Home, the speed drops to 1 Mbps (four times faster than at MTN ”.

As for the availability of Blue Home on the market, the Deputy General Manager of CAMTEL reassured that: “the team led by Mrs. Judith Yah Sunday, CAMTEL's GM, made all arrangements so that customers are served throughout the national territory at the same price of 60,000 Fcfa a wifi modem and freely afford Blue Home L ”.

In its deployment, Blue aims to be an all-in-one brand from 2022, 100% digital from 2023, content supplier from 2024 and data leader from 2025.

The Blue brand arrives at a time when the country is promoting “Made In Cameroon”, a period where there is an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as the President of the Republic plans a rebound.

The Head of State, President Paul Biya has prescribed to government, a policy aimed at the structural transformation of the economy to reduce the deficit in the trade balance. 

By Ndefru Melanie


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