AziCCUL Recieves Mordern Building

New Edifice

Cameroon's leading microfinance institution, Azire Cooperative Credit Union renovates, gets new look in a digital era and recieves its 5D building months after renovatiom.

The new building has been wired to facilitate banking transactions through networking, preserving documents and recorded data to offer quality service delivery.

The new software, Quamas is a cloud based data centric electronic document management software solution, to regulate compliance practices for data and document control, information management and related training in the business.

Azzicul in the days ahead is  envisaging other projects like creating an Automatic teller machine (ATM), to make money transactions easy for its members.

In order to  boost the moral and financial status of its members, the union plans to make soft and micro loans with some interest, to help members meet their daily needs, in times of an ongoing armed conflict.

AziCCUL's President

Divine Nde Momuluh, President of Azzicul Board of Directors explained that the renovations done at the union, is meant to encourage core banking system, with the aid of an app where money can be saved into accounts, withdrawal can be done through mobile money and do businesses.

"In foreign countries you don't find people crowded in banking institutions, so we think this style can be applied in Cameroon while encouraging other unions to learn and copy this Innovation from Azzicul, the mother union."

With the reception of the building  done on Friday, October 15th 2021, the President  used the opportunity  to welcome would be members to join the fold and enjoy the benefits offered by the union, encouraging members to sell out knowledge about the union to the common man.

General Manager

The General  Manager, Lembeh Pius on his part, has appreciated the giant steps made by the President to keep the Union as a category one micro finance  institution. 

AziCCUL being one of the Oldest microfinance Institutions existing, still stands firm and is ready to accompany it's members in all their request; assisting them in their money transactions and also providing boosters fqor them in the face of an armed conflict that has engulfed many buisnesses, shrinking benefits.

By Ndefru Melanie

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