Head Teachers Demand Fair Didactic Material Distribution from Bda II Mayor

Headteachers within Bamenda II Municipality

Branding, is the word used by some headteachers of schools within the Bamenda II subdivision, to describe writing and teaching materials provided and offered by the Bamenda II Council.

Some of the head teachers cried foul that the items offered to them are insufficient as compared to their needs in their various schools and requested that the Mayor of the Bamenda II Council takes into consideration the congestion observed in these schools, like wise their needs.

Headteacher, GS Ntinkag

"We would have refused this material, for the simple fact that they are insufficient, there is no respect attached to it. This year, the council is facing some crisis, yes and it is in thesame crisis situation that we eat". Afuah Stephen, Head Teacher GS Ntinkag.

Responding to the worry expressed by a few headteachers present, he revealed to them that the malpractices of some headteachers in the past caused the council to be vigilant in distribution and assures them of a thorough follow up.

Mayor Bamenda II Council

"Last year we realized that some of the didatic materials were sold and some of it kept in houses. Reason why instructions from hierarchy say we should provide more for schools that are functional". Mayor Bamenda II

Apart from complaints of insufficient material to carry on with lessons in their different schools, these teachers mentioned that they were faced with a huge challenge, Insecurity.

"The looming insecurity arround the schools that affect the teachers, students and even parents. It is not the headteachers that ask school not to function, it is a global problem" Afuah Stephen explained.

Didatic Material

The Bamenda II Council on her part targeted 27 schools within her jurisdiction; information reaveled that 16 of these school functional and 10 were non-functional. Present at the meeting were 13 functional schools and 5 non-functional.

Mayor Speak to Press

Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Council Mayor proved solution oriented as he mentioned plans to dispatch a team to the field, that will be charged to take statistics of functional schools and whose needs will be provided to the later.

"The Council has been going through challenges yet we are obliged to give didatic material to all the schools. We will do a feasibility study of all the schools that are functional, then upgrade the didatic material. A team from the council will go to the field to come up with statistics and update the council to use as a working guide" Bamenda II Council Mayor.

The Inspector for Basic Education,
Komtanghi Brunhilda asked the head teachers present to remain calm, collect what was available and ask for more.

"These didatic material is meant to help our schools in Bamenda II. The materials are the essentials, they may not be enough but we recieve and ask for more. The Mayor is at our disposal to assist teachers and students in the best way possible"

The Mayor used the opportunity to emphasize that teachers should go back to their commumities and encourage parents to send their kids to school.

"The Head of State has given us all the means to assist communities, headteachers and schools in the region. There is no need for any school in any community to stay closed." Mayor Chenwi added.

Medical equipment, Generator provided by Bamenda II Council

Bamenda II Council believes health is wealth, it is inline with this school of thought that the Mayor handed office accessories and medical equipment to Chomba district center. 

Symbolic Handover of Items by Mayor of Bamenda II Council

Mayor Chenwi Peter continues to demonstrate unfliching support, prioritizing health and education in the Council's budget. He continues asking for collaboration from the people he serves to be abreast with their needs for an effective response.

By Ndefru Melanie


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