PM's Visit to NWR: Opinions on Government's Engagement in Implementing MND Reccomendations

Sample opinions have been sort to understand different feelings about government's actions in Implementing reccomendations of the Major National Dialogue.

This opinions are sort at the time when the PM, Head of Government is in Bamenda-Northwest Region of Cameroon, for a Peace Mission in that part of the country.

Chi Asafor is an elite of Santa, he believes that there are still doubts in the minds of a few and who need to understand actions of the State.

"It is important that the PM; President of the follow-Up Committee of the Major National Dialogue came to Bamenda to continue talking about government's engagement to deliver records towards a return to normalcy in the Northwest and Southwest regions."

"Getting the message from the horse's mouth is important to set records straight for the understanding of some doubting thomases, who still entertain doubts."

"It is for the population to do personal follow up and be sure that implementation of the reccomendations are achieved. We just need to be confident in what the President of the Republic is doing and we, the elite are committed to help the population to better understand Government Actions" Chi Asafor, Elite in Santa Sub Division.

The presence of Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, was saluted by the PM at the grandstand on October 6th 2021. The Chairman shared his appraisal of the PM's visit to the Northwest Region.

"The most important thing I observed was the fact that some of the boys came out of the bush, which is a huge success" Ni John Fru Ndi.

Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State in Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development and an Elite in Donga Mantung, was if the opinion that the PM's visit should give reasons for the local population to give "The Special Status" a chance to reveal it's package, which according to him is a benefit to all.

"I keep saying that the special status should be looked upon as a development instrument, we are able to determine what project we want . We are able to determine... we don't just get wide infants projects. Today we gain, besides the development issue we have".

"I was at Regional Assembly the other day and I was able to see the House of Chiefs, with a Bi- cameral nature. I want to encourage those who do not want to see the special status, to start giving it time , it would work out. There's room for additions, for making it better".

"Let's give it a chance, consider that we have been distinguished for our historical, for our lingustic, for our legal status. Let's give it a chance and I believe very much in the special status" The Minister and elite of Donga Mantung.

Wallang Richard, Chairman of the Regional Follow up Committee for Public Investment Projects, MP for Menchum South Constituency and Elite of Menchum Division, mentioned roads and difficulties of accessing reasources in his place.

"We asked the Prime Minister to see that our borders are well open, because in Menchum division we have a problem of human reasources and to see into the security situation of the region. Then another focus is to revamp the Education sector and look into our farm to market roads, in general the rehabilation of major Roads"

Akwa Patrick, Chairman of Camwater, an elite of Menchum added his voice to his and reiterated that the roads leading to Menchum Division, which are not very accessible, a Major focus to provide assistance for that to be fixed and again the need to compensate the common man who have lost basic necessities and Infrastructures in the course of the crisis.

"To the local man, they will need to see some projects realized to their benefit, to be sure that they too are benefiting from some of the reccomendations of the Major National Dialogue" Akwa Patrick Kum-Mbong.

Fon Yakum Kevin, President of House of Chiefs and Vice President of the NW Regional House of Assembly, Fon of Bambalang expressed satisfaction over the PM's Visit attributing satisfactory accolades to it.

"Am happy because the message of the Head of State, President Paul Biya sent through the PM is simple and straight to the point, calling on all key stakeholders to play their role to being back Peace in the region."

"The Head of State says he doesn't want to fight a war with the population, which means he wants to find a peaceful way in resolving the crisis. We should do all what we need to do for Peace to return, and I expect Peace and normalcy to return, while everyone should engage in peace talks at every level" President of NW House of Chiefs.

Awuntah Philip, MP for Momo West recounts his experience on the Bamenda-Babadjou road and thinks it should be one of the point of focus for the PM when he returns to Yaounde, after his Peace Mission to the Northwest region.

"The Visit of the PM is to explain to the people, so far what has been done as far as reccomendations for the Major National Dialogue is concerned. It is believed that a cross section of the population don't yet know what it entails."

"The things that are being done to apeace the population as far as the MND reccomendations are concerned. I believe there is alot still to be explained to calm down the tension that still exist and one of the point of focus is the Bamenda Babadjou road" MP for Momo West, Awuntah Philip.

A good number of NW elites are hoping that with the visit of the PM, that is expected to trend in the minds of the grassroots population, even after his departure to Yaoundé, alot is expected to tilt to a new direction.

By Ndefru Melanie


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