Over 13 Amba Boys Drop Weapons at PM's Visit

Some 13 young men in their early 20s presented as Seperatists fighters at the Grandstand Commercial Avenue, Bamenda on October 6th, decided to disclose to the PM their reasons for turning their backs on violence, hence dropping their weapons.

"General scatter" as he identified himself, confessed that he and the other boys he was with are just from handing over 2Ak's, a Pop action and two Dane Guns to the military before showing up at the grandstand.

Just as he expressed himself in pidgin English, he said "My name is General Scatter, am sure u people must have heard about me. We have dropped 2Aks, 1 Pop action and 2 Kontri gun before we came here".

He expressed that they have realized their mistakes; picking up arms against the state they were suppose to help develop and protect, and pleaded that they be pardoned for all their atrocities committed.

The PM is in a Peace Mission to the Northwest region; to preach peace and better explain to the people how far government has gone with the implementation of the resolutions of the Major National dialogue.

Audiences will be granted to a cross section of persons from within the society till October 8th. It is anticipated that before the PM leaves the region, much will have been said and ground works would be more effective.

By Ndefru Melanie

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