Journalists In Restive Regions, Charged to Pitch Salient Stories, Uphold Human Rights

Journalists Sharing experiences at Serminar

Reporting stories from conflict hit regions in Cameroon has been a huge task for Journalists residing and practicing in these regions, because some of the stories told by these reporters put them between a rock and a hard place, yet they are expected to factor in gender and human rights in conflict reporting, be human rights defenders.

Participants at Workshop

Some journalists engaged with Print and Online journalism, met during a two day workshop in Kribi organized by the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists- CAMASEJ with funding from the Canadian High Commission, to share their experiences and challenges faced in upholding human rights in timesp of crisis and pandemics.

The crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions has caused women and girls to become vulnerable. Protecting their rights amidst the threats and risk they are exposed to, has caused these journalists practicing in these regions to be emotional in their reporting.

CAMASEJ's National President
 Jude Viban

According to the National President of CAMASEJ, "there has never been a better time for the English speaking Journalist" as he explained; "we are part of the stories happening in the Northwest and Southwest regions" he told Civiclens

The essence of the training to him is "to see impact of the training through the professional life of the Journalists". The Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists has the interest of it's members and for this reason participants are expected to give back what they have learnt to others when they return to base.

"Journalists are expected to know, understand the subject matter; what gender, human rights is all about before delving into reporting about it. The situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions is an unfortunate one, in times of Conflict human rights violation is evident. Belligerent parties will want to do everything possible to dominate or subdue the other and in trying to do so, there is alot of abuse, women and children become more vulnerable. These are the 2 key aspects in terms of conflict" Jude Viban, National President of CAMASEJ.

MINCOM's Regional Delegate
South Region

The Regional Delegate of Communication for the South Region, Beko'o Evina Marguerite applauded the efforts of Journalists, especially female journalists who practice the profession in the crisis hit regions. She expressed disatisfaction with the fact that female journalists will be faced with bias from their media bosses, who may not find women competent to report in times of crisis.

"Being a female journalist is very challenging in a crisis zone, as some have lost their jobs in these regions because their bosses don't find them resilient than the men. These female journalists are set aside, whereas they have something to say in their job as a Journalist. Let the media bosses manage both sex, provide chances and means for both, because they too need to provide for their needs. The crisis is already playing negatively on the woman". South Regional Delegate for Communication.

According to the Delegate, the workshop will serve as a great tool to these Journalists in attendance, as they will have need to acquire skills in order to be able to report on the ongoing conflict in these regions. To her, the participants don't yet have the expertise to bring out aspects of human rights and make a balance in different genders.

The choice of the workshop's location is soothing to the selected journalists, as explained by CAMASEJ's National President. 

"It is stress free and away from an environment that saps the energy of Journalists. The workshop's venue is therapeutic" Viban Jude.

By Ndefru Melanie


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