MINSANTE, WHO Collabo: Initiate Strategy for Effective Immunization Program

In order to urge the local population to adhere to the Covid-19 vaccine and prevent themselves against the deadly, a dialogue platform being an Initiative, joint collaboration of MINSANTE and WHO, has taken place with leaders at community levels in different parts of the Country to make the immunization campaign a successful.

This activity is implemented by the Family Club and MINJEC, who are on the field, making efforts on a daily basis mobilize volunteers and ensuring that the project is successful.

The mobilization teams and the vaccinators managed to save the lives of more than 50 people by having them vaccinated against Covid-19 on Sunday, November 21. This vaccination phase marks the end of the dialogue stage in the health districts of Yaounde.

Appointment has been scheduled for Mbalmayo, Bafia and Obala from November 24 to 28, 2021 for the continuation of the project implemented by MINSANTE with the support of WHO and the deployment of Family club volunteers, among others.

By Ndefru Melanie


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