SNWOT Women NW Unite Voices in Mourning Against GBV

Inline with activities marking 16 days of activitism against Gender Based Violence that runs from November 25th to December 10th every year, South West/North West Women Task Force - SNWOT came together to denounce violence inflicted on women, girls and children as a result of the ongoing armed conflict rocking the Northwest and Southwest regions for the past five years.

Most women, girls, children and persons living with disabilities become more vulnerable on a daily basis given the ongoing crisis, it is inline with this that these South West/North West Women Task Force - SNWOT, took upon themselves to call on armed groups, alerting them on how the conflict affects these group of persons.

Andiensa Clotilda is the Regional Coordinator for the South West/North West Women Task Force - SNWOT in the Northwest Region. She told press that the best way to fight GBV was to invite grassroot women for a brief, to make them understand what is GBV, give them directives on what exactly to do if they become victims.

"As a women task force, put in place to significantly contribute to bringing back Peace in different communities, we identify GBV as one of the vices that is rampant and caused by the present conflict. We brought together our grassroots women who are exposed to these different forms of GBV, to share with them knowledge about what to do if they eventually become victims."

"We are confident that these women will spread the message about lessons learnt in the communities and use same knowledge to prevent GBV" Andiensa Clotilda, Regional Coordinator for the South West/North West Women Task Force - SNWOT.

One of the experts brought to speak with the women was a barista, who believed that educating and sensitizing these NW women during these days of 16 days of activism has been very effective.

"There are there are various forms of GBV that are covered by the international and National Laws. The 2016 penal code that was just recently revised which carries many aspects of GBV; prescription and punishment that follow, was important to sentize these women. So that they understand what GBV is, where they can go and what steps to take when they face GBV and the punishment that is attributed to each offense."

The South West/North West Women Task Force - SNWOT, will not go to sleep after 16 days of activitism against GBV. The Regional Coordinator says there is need for a continuous preaching on the need to achieve Peace.

"After these days of 16 days of activism we go back to our Peace building work; handling peace from different aspects and angles, sensitizing women to be more involved in the Peace building process in their different communities. Talking to all parties involved; about how vulnerable women and children are in the course of the armed conflict. The voices of these women need to be amplified to end this".

SNWOT have as mission to promote the meaningful participation of Women in Peace Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Decision making at all levels for Sustainable Peace and Development.

By that, they envisage a society where inclusive and effective participation of Women in all Peace processes and decision making as a whole is a reality.

They believe in achieving sustainable peace and development through the respect of gender quota which enforces inclusive and effective in participation of all beneficiaries at all levels of the decision making espy within the Peace Process.

By Ndefru Melanie


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