@ The Voice 5th Anniversary: Hon. Ngala Gerard Backs Most Development Oriented MP Award

A Delegation recieves Award on the MP's Behalf in Yaounde

The Voice Newspaper celebrating it's 5th anniversary, has honored the Member of Parliament for Nkambe Central, in Donga Mantung Division, Hon. Ngala Gerard for being the most development oriented MP, as this is proof in his actions through the support the MP gives to his people amidst constraints faced back home.

The armed conflict has hindered alot of projects from taking off in the Northwest region, not leaving out Nkambe. Yet the MP had taken upon himself and ensured that normalcy returns home as he said in 2020 that he "is ready to take bullets, to ensure that children return to school".

He made the remark in relation to his campaign for children across the Northwest and Southwest regions return to school, after years of staying back due to the Anglophone crisis and this he did.

Hon. Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard

The MP offered benches, school uniforms in order to facilitate the return of children to class. He also paid fees for some who never had the means and provided scholarship in order to encourage competition amongst young people to have the zeal to acquire knowledge.

The Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) in November 2020 through its president, Nformi Joseph, recognized his efforts towards rural development and conferred on him the tittle "Ta Nformi" Ngala Gerard.

Hon. Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard has been described as a cultural bulldozer with deep-rooted moral values, refered to as a driving force and pillar in the community in good and bad times.

At community level, given that he is a man who loves to commune with people at the grassroots, Hon. Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard is looked upon as an exceptional penchant for community development, exemplified in his projects in education, conflict-resolution/ peace-building, health, and social welfare.

By Ndefru Melanie


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