NtaCCUL Gets Most Acclaimed Financial Institution Award

Ntarikon Cooperative Credit Union was a laureate at the Voice anniversary, recieved an award for being the most acclaimed financial institution across CEMAC zone.

The ongoing armed conflict in the English speaking regions of Cameroon has greatly affected economic activities, yet Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Limited NTACCUL has had a steady increase in its membership, with an amazing interest rate of 5%.

The institution offers one of the best interest rate among existing micro-finance institutions in Cameroon and though NTACCUL has faced some set backs due to the crisis, with some projects envisaged were not realised, it forges on in success.

Operating within a context more challenging in the advent of Covid-19, the micro finance institution has not relented efforts in supporting and sustaining it's members in difficult times.

Granting soft loans for the wellbeing of famillies; supporting members to flourish through their buisnesses and also help parents send their children to school.

NtaCCUL continues to stand out amongst its peers and proof of this was witnessed again at the Voice Newspaper's 5th anniversary in Yaoundé.

By Ndefru Melanie

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