Adamawa: MINEPAT leads Awareness campaign on Anti Corruption Mechanisms

An awareness campaign session for municipal public officials on anti-corruption mechanisms organized by the MINEPAT has taken place in Adamawa to sensitize public service employees on the mechanisms of the fight against corruption.

The Minister for Economy and Regional Planning was represented by the head of the unit against corruption in the ministry, Christine Joëlle Banban. 

Organized in Ngaoundéré at the town hall, a round table discussion with officials of the public service of the region held to discuss ways to counteract acts of corruption. 

The session edified participants with knowledge in what is required of them to deal with this societal ill.
The governor's representative, the inspector general of regional services of Adamawa, Gaskreo Koue received the guide on the mechanisms for the effective fight and denunciation of corruption.

To better equip public service agents with the rules, attitudes and risks in the management of public affairs, particularly in public procurement, was the objective of this meeting.

Bello Ahmadou, Regional Delegate of MINEPAT shared knowledge with participants about actions that amount to corruption, inviting the audience to work in synergy with stakeholders to end this evil.

The mission team from Yaoundé revealed to public officials the potential sanctions in the event of a violation; which range from disciplinary measures to criminal penalties. 

By Katakap Heritier in Adamawa

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