Young Girls Schooled On Mentorship Values

Over 13 teenage girls have attended a one day workshop aimed at evaluating the year's activities in order to plan for the next, has taken place to better equip the work force of these young ladies.

It took place at White House Restaurant - commercial avenue Bamenda, organized by Kuwung Luzette from the African girls organization; examining projects, the year's activities in order to better plan for the upcoming year.

According to Kuwung Luzette, she believed working with over 30 girls can make impact she intends to create, which to her "will be an advantage".

Mentoring needs more than “just another job” in order for it to be successful. Certain qualities are therefore needed, to help and successfully communicate with students.

Young people must learn to be proactive, flexible, enthusiastic, be ready to lead and be professional. These are values required of these young people for a Mentoring program to record success.

Active and inactive members were identified, others justified their laxity; talking of proximity and poor communication on program schedule, Luzette clarified that the crisis situation in the region has raised security concerns, which to her are more of priority.

These young girls expressed views about mentorship, requested for tasks to do from every meeting in order to get themselves skilled.

Tabortetaka Florence remarks " If we want to acquire knowledge, we must sacrifice".

Volunteerism was one of the focus; as a way to build career, with most of those in attendance being students from the University of Bamenda.

"In the process of volunteering for any organization there's a lot you learn and it paves the way for you to own a job. I am open to volunteerism, something I wasn't really interested before", Bisi Gina.

Discussions hovered arround project ideas to be carried out the coming year; writing and building curriculum vitae, training on building skills, social media ettiquetes, business ideas for young girls, project writing and management, data analysis, teenage pregnancy and early marriages.

Project management; project cycle was was a focus for these young ladies, discussing why some projects fail and others suceed. Projects ought to be people oriented for it to suceed.

" The workshop today on mentorship has given me an insight on project management, as a student in communication and development studies, drilling myself on the various principles and steps in carrying out a well defined development project has been my focus as well as creating proposals for funders to realize a project purposely for social Change and benefit of the community", Tulah Crystalline, a participant.

By Fozoa Vaniel
UBa Student


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