Adamawa: Ngaoundére Host 45th Edition of Cameroon Episcopal Conference

Opening on Sunday January 9th 2022 in Ngaoundére- host city for the Episcopal Conference, is the 45th Annual Serminar for Bishops of Cameroon, who came together to discuss and produce a strategic workable plan for the new year.

Meeting under the theme; "The national episcopal conference of Cameroon, its mission today in the church and in society", will be for them to define the NECC , National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon strategic plan.

It opened with a solemn mass at the Marian Shrine of Our Ladies of the Apostles of Marza, chaired by His Excellency Monsignor Abraham Kome, who is President of the NECC.

The meeting is expected to close on January 15th 2022 with the reading of the final press release, but before then, bishops and archbishops of Cameroon will make an excursion on to the Yves Plumé center in Marza to discover the work of the man of god murdered in Ngaoundere Thirty years ago.

Yves Plumé was said to have been mudered by strangers some years ago and information says till date justice has not been rendered in his memory. 

Away from previewed points for discussion planned for the serminar, the bishops eagerly await words from the Apostolic Nuncio in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency Monsignor Julio Murat, programmed for Friday January 14th 2021.

By Katakap Heritier


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