Mayor Dighambong's Home Coming: Prioritizing The Menchum Hydro-Electricity Power Project

Eyes that saw the mobilization done at the Home Coming Ceremony in Wum Subdivision, Menchum Dision - Northwest region, will describe the turn out as heart warming at a time in a crisis when many believe Wum would have been deserted as a result of the armed conflict.

The Mayor of Wum, First Vice President United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC felt empowered by the massive turn out of the local population on his Home Coming, not to give up but clamour for more projects to develop his municipality and beyond.

"I wish to thank all the Mayors of Cameroon for bestowing trust and confidence in me as their humbled First Vice President. I believe being at the corridor of power, I believe projects for Menchum, Wum in particular will troop in their numbers. Looking at the project log book, you'll find out what has come to the division, I think it's thanks to this position I was elected to"

"I have been given authority by the people and I think it's time to sit up. About the roads, it's time to meet authorities in Yaoundé to lobby for the start of the Menchum hydro electricity power project, time for the Bamenda Wum Road to be part of the ring road, it is time for development to start flowing in Menchum Division. The massive turn out has given me alot of courage not to quit but fight and fight for the people", Mayor Dighambong Anthony, Mayor Wum Council and First Vice President, United Councils and Cities of Cameroon.

Traditional rulers from all 19 villages that make up Wum subdivision led by Fon Bahmbi, Fon of Aghem alongside over 25 dance groups, Representative of the Governor, Administrative authorities, parliamentarians, stakeholders within Menchum division mobilized themselves to honor the man in whom they believe in, Mayor Dighambong Anthony.

Ancestral blessings was poured to restor calm and serenity in course , Mayor Dighambong's new lift was saluted with so much anxiety, as the Wum man believes there are better days ahead, given the colourful outing of Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, First Vice President, United Councils and Cities of Cameroon.

The statutory session of Regional Councils in Cameroon of December 22, 2020 marked the turning point in Cameroon’s organisation’s structure, as the first ever Presidents of Regional Councils were elected. Northwest Governor's representative says the Mayor is a man of the grassroots and will be a bridge between the people and development.

"On behalf of the Governor of the Northwest region, I feel happy to have been part of this colourful celebration in Wum subdivision. My observation is that, peace is gradually returning to Wum and we are happy. Mobilization from all subdivisions in Menchum Division is thanks to the man of the day, Mayor of Wum. We congratulate him for this mobilization in his new capacity as first Vice of UCCC. He is a man of the people and he will act as the bridge between the people of Menchum and Development. He is not just a representative of Menchum Division but of the Northwest region in the decentralization process, for the development of our region", Representative of NW Governor, Viang Mekala

Deliberations on November 4th 2020 prolonged into late hours of the night and early hours of dawn, and ended up resolving that the President of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon be the Mayor of Yaounde VII, Augustin Tamba and his first Vice being Mayor, Anthony Dighambong from Wum council and Kumba City Mayor-elect, Greg Mewanu, as new Treasurer General.

Mayor of Wum, now in double capacity has celebrated victory with his people at the grassroots. Note be taken that the 28 member executive bureau were elected during the 5th General Assembly of the United UCCC, presided over by the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam.

Dighambong Anthony Mvo has been described as one who enhances unity and development being at the helm as First Vice President of all councils in Cameroon, thus "rays of the sun" is believed to have touched the soils of Menchum Division Northwest region of Cameroon.

Representative of the President of UCCC has called on other municipalities to copy the example from Wum, reuniting it's people for the sake of Peace and Love, an antidote to put an end the ongoing armed conflict.

"The population of Menchum did well for their massive turn out. The Mayors in Cameroon never made a mistake putting Mayor Dighambong as the First Vice President of the UCCC. I wish and pray they continue to collaborate with him and that Peace should return to our region. It's a rare occasion to see the population turn out like this. I pray that other municipalities will emulate the example of Wum today and let the population enjoy Unity like it had been the case before" Representative of UCCC president.
Mayor Denis Awoh Dang.

The 50 years old Physics teacher and member of YCPDM for the North West region was president of the divisional Scientific and Technical community of the UCCC in Menchum from 2015 to 2020.

This era is challenged to effectively monitor the implementation of the law of 24 December 2019 on the General Code of Decentralization, which grants special status to the North-West and South-West regions.

By Ndefru Melanie


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