Banjoun Station: COYAC Gets Multiple Memorandums to Foster Children's Future

Most times talents die because there are no promoters. Ngha Beng Kwokom Linus Aka Bobo Leenox, concieves two projects; Nkwaleh Lekwa and the Pikin Juju project, with the aim of connecting children to their roots, children affected by the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region.

His story at Banjoun Station, West region of Cameroon touched the hearts of those who may not have experienced or had a picture of what life is for children; shuffling between stray bullets in order to get to school or make a living.

The projects he mentioned are inline with promoting and encouraging kids as young as 7 -15 years old;  kids who lived their lives in fear amidst the ongoing conflict in the Northwest region where the project is born.

"We can't wait for the crisis to get finish, the community is beginning to show concern to be part of the project, some of the aspects of culture that existed back in the day, connecting children to their culture", COYAC's coordinator, Bakah Derrick.

Tito Valery, Night of Voices/Spoken Word, Grace Dorote, a Painter and performer, Peter Nso COYAC,  Batholomew Toguo, Bamoun Station, Roland Fumundam, Green House Ventures, Asafor Ndifor Writer and Entrepreneur are all willing to support COYAC's initiative, to build the children's "broken future", connecting them to their roots.

More hands for team work, with the intension of succeeding in it's mission, is what COYAC gained from sharing stories in Banjoun, West Region of Cameroon.  Bobo Leenox and team have been urged not to relent efforts, and even if government gives a blind eye to COYAC's activities.

"The objective of COYAC is to empower children in the socio-economic millieu, in a more sustainable manner. The essence is to get sustainable solutions, challenging cosmetic solutions." Bobo Leenox explains in Banjoun.

Children living in armed conflict regions for over 5 years, like in the case of the Northwest region, are able to detect which of the armed groups are firing their guns each time gunshots are heard. They need healthy distraction; with stories by the fireside that are more entertaining and serve as healing from the violence felt in times of crisis.

By Ndefru Melanie in Banjoun


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