Humanitarian Response: 77-year Old Woman gets Warmth of Hon. Agho Oliver's Kindness

An old widow in Bafut has shown
uncontrolleable emotions, expressing joy and excitement. Mama Lum Monica, 77 years old widow in Njibujang- Bafut, unexpectedly received new house equipment, including beddings donated by Agho Oliver, MP for the Bafut/Tubah constituency.


The donation made by the member of Parliament include; a new 'penya penya' bed, mattress, bed spreads and blankets, was the result of an outreach effort by Juliana Sirri's community-based foundation, Vision for Hope, who unearthed the desperate, dehumanizing and unbearable living conditions of this widow, long abandoned to herself.


The old lady had need for basic needs that befits standard of living conditions and living on less than 1$ a day, Mama Lum Monica, was genuinely surprised to discover the kindness of Hon. Agho Oliver.

Presenting the donation to Mama Monica, Juliana Sirri and team of volunteers, a wish was made for such gestures to multiply in order to change lives of others in Bafut and elsewhere, who live under despondent and deplorable conditions, for no fault of theirs.

Echoeing the wisdom of the old, Juliana was of the opinion that 'one person caring about another represent life's greatest value', and that Agho Oliver was definitely that person.

Without wasting time, her team of volunteers immediately went to work, dismantling the deteriorated bamboo bed, discarding with the old bedbug breathing beddings, cleaning and disinfecting the home, before adorning it with the newly furnitured bed.

The old widow showed gratitude for the deeds of Hon. Agho Oliver, as a beneficiary she hoped that the vision for Hope organization, will continue to have impact as the donor fits as "husband to widows and the destitutes".

Neighbours were happy as the needful has been done, putting a smile on the face of an old widow, on Sunday April 3, 2022, an event which gave villagers a rare opportunity to relive Theordore Roosevelt's statement that 'Nobody cares how much you have and knows, until they know how much you care'.


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