St Louis University, Providing Entrepreneurship skills for Youths

St. Louis has the VISION of making fish cultivation in Cameroon an industrial activity for individuals and communities.

Information has it that in the laboratory at St Louis University, Many tadpoles are doing well, after two months they shall be fingerlings and transferred into fish ponds for growth and fattening to food. Youths will have jobs and make money for themselves.

Rice, fish, chicken and wheat importation shall stop as the youths in Cameroon take over the industrially scaled up production and transformation of what we eat and drink.

"As of now we import food more than 350 billion frs every year to Cameroon. This money shall be channelled into the pockets of our youths through Capacity building, industry, entrepreneurship and support."

According to Dr. Nick Gwanyam Cameroon shall become one of the greatest nations in Africa starting soon

"The old shall pass away and the new shall come as the governance systems and mindsets of Cameroonians Change".

The war in Ukraine is very bad. But it is an eye opener to Cameroon and Africa to get out of sleep and stop being beggars when God has blessed us with so much fertile lands, rains, great climates, many enthusiastic youths.

Our problem is that we lack vision, have a failed education system and tell lies especially in politics, We have no clue as a nation how wealth is created. We do not understand micro and macro economics.

Creator of the St Louis Group Industry & TECHNOLOGY Transfer VISION
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