#BiaSoMengong2022: Cultural festival reveals Originality, Talent

Fanfare at local games in Mengong

Day 4 at the cultural festival in Mengong, South region of Cameroon comprised of 3 football match encounters, exhibition at the stands, an artistic caravane night that had youths take central stage to sing for the listening and dancing pleasure of both indegenes of the place and visitors.

Teams involved, Referees 

Football encounters that had youths across villages that make up Mengong represented in each team. The atmosphere of the day, mood of coaches and the talents of players trapped the minds, focus of all who came to COCAM stadium in Mengong to watch them play.

Dubbed the fraternity tournament, it had teams 6 teams involved; Reims Nkoleteton vs USA ( union sportive d'Abiete), Mengong United vs Etondo FC and Rocher Yem vs Redstar Yengue. Guided by their coaches, the young players expressed fufillement having such games hold in Mengong city.

Coach, Football player-Reims Nkoleteto

"I feel encouraged by our elite who decided to organize this tournament, the support I got from my coach makes me more happy besides the goal I scored. When the match started I wasn't lifted in my spirit but the support from brothers and sisters who came to watch us, gave us the zeal to be serious in the game", Evina Junior, first goal scorer for Reims of Nkoleteto.

A lady spotted in the crowd that watched and supported players explained she was pleased with the mood of the game, as translated by this reporter.

"I am so happy, I enjoyed myself watch my brithers play good football. Though with the little threats posed by our opponent, I remain positive with football games".

Exhibition center

To dilute or digest the general fanfare of the day, the availability of the Mengong man's preferred meal, though not very specific was available. One could have groundnut soup with cassava or bobolo, plums too were served or prepared at the request visitors and other customers.

 Craft work made by men of Mengong 

The originality of artifacts showcased at the exhibition stands, that served as a source of income for some men and women are products mostly made from material taken from a forest some kilometers away from Mengong city.

Those exposing their products explained that their concept is deeply rooted in Mengong's culture, but regret that youths are not patient enough to practice or learn the work of art cherished by the Mengong man.

The display of local matches or other activities holding in Mengong city is expected to run from July 16th to 30th 2022, under the Patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture, an opportunity to have youths in Mengong learn more about their roots.

Organized and sponsored by The Belinga Foundation, who collaborated with Cameroon's Blogger Association through it's President, Diana Ebongue to have different aspects of the cultural festival covered and diseminate through different social platforms.

The Belinga Foundation in partnership with Bloggers' Association Cameroon is thinking big through Arts, Culture, Health, Education, and Sustainable Development. Providing opportunities for youths to showcase talents, while gaining exposure through the social media, selling Mengong's unique products as the cultural festival unfolds.


By Ndefru Melanie
On Special assignment to the South region, Cameroon.

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