CAMTEL-MINHDU Collabo for Urban Infrastructure Development

Done on Monday, June 18, 2022, following a contract signature by Célestine Ketcha Courtès, Minister of Housing and Urban Development and the Director General of Cameroon Telecommunications Judith Yah Sunday, Epse ACHIDI.

Cameroon's path towards emergence by 2035 and the implementation of the National Development Strategy 2020-2030 (SND 20-30), goes through the proper appropriation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aimed at rehabilitating and plan cities (or any other urban establishment), so that they can offer everyone employment opportunities; access to basic services, energy, transport, public spaces. while improving on the use of resources and reducing their environmental impacts. 

An exercise well mastered by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development which, in collaboration with its partners, is working to materialize this paradigm.

It is in line with this challenge that the signing of an agreement between this ministerial department and the Camtel company fits in; signature having for center of interest, the deployment of infrastructures and broadband services within the framework of Minhdu projects.

Done in the presence of personalities from several sectors, this ceremony aimed to allow the various stakeholders to appropriate the clauses of the agreement, proceed to the signing of the initials, and formalize the launch of the partnership.

This comes few weeks after the partnership signed between Camtel and Minfopra, commits the two parties to pool their human, material and financial resources, in order to promote its proper execution.

Concretely, Camtel will have to join the project management for the work of deploying waiting infrastructures or pre-wiring of buildings or residential houses, ministry projects/programs, deploying fiber in the sites projects/programs of Minhdu or its partners, and provide connectivity services to resident tenants of said sites.

Minhdu meanwhile will have to activate and do everything possible for the success of the project. To this end, it will be responsible for promoting the sustainable development of roads and electronic communications networks within the framework of planning and urban development policies.

Guaranteeing its partner access to the public domain of the road right-of-way of the various cities. , to seize every opportunity to deploy the infrastructures for the provision of Internet services and the digital inclusion of cities; for all housing or urban development projects and programs for which it is the contracting authority.

Camtel's Managing Director sees this signature as an appropriate opportunity to anticipate future needs. "Camtel, as an incumbent operator, has an obligation to provide very high-speed electronic telecommunications services to all populations"

"Today with the advent of digital cities, it is important that Camtel anticipates and makes very high speed services available to Minhdu through the new project. When this work is not done upstream, we destroy the works already built, whereas we could capitalize, if this type of project already existed” Judith Yah Sunday, épse ACHIDI.

For Célestine Ketcha Courtes, it is a question of materializing one of the vision of the Head of State, namely, modernizing cities by allowing their inhabitants to have access to very high speed internet.

"This agreement will allow Camtel, in terms of housing, to connect our social housing, the social housing of the Head of State with fiber optics to allow the inhabitants of our new towns to have access to very high speed internet. But also, we are anticipating urban development because it is a problem of network movement", Minhdu.

To better understand the contours of this project, the Minhdu announced the establishment of a platform that will allow both parties to work for the maturation of the projects.

By Ndefru Melanie

Pictures: News upfront


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