"Why block the road, puncture buisness", call box woman at City chemist round about laments

Many buisness men and women in Bamenda have wondered why part of commercial avenue was blocked since Sunday August 21st afternoon after hearing that Minister Paul Atanga Nji was in town to mourn his mum.

The man on the streets could not place the meaning or link between mourning and blocking the road, congesting other parts of town with roads in the city that are almost not passable because of its poor state.

"You sef look this tin weey Pa block road so, seey e fine. Pa don cam for cry mami, people go like for go cry the die but e don disturb some pipo their market place arround that area for commercial avenue weey dem blockam so. You know wety be Bamenda, time no first dey, any small time na for hussle", a call box lady arround city chemist laments.

Giving the security stakes in Bamenda, the bereaved familly took measures to ensure that the area arround Minister Paul Atanga Nji's residence was safe, but little did security officers know that it wouldn't go down well for the man on the streets, especially with those who run buisnesses arround the area that was blocked.

Other streets were crowded as many cars had to deviate from the main road, commercial avenue and seek other routes to head to their destinations. To someone who just arrived town, the situation could be read differently when it was actually a "cry die".

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

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